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Duration5 Days
Delivery Mechanism Field Trip with Software
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Practical Fracture Analysis of Clastic Reservoirs with Petrel - Casper, Wyoming

The 5 day course combines field and classroom training sessions that integrate model building in Petrel with classic field observations. The field trip portion of the course will consist of short excursions to view the oilfield facilities, surface geology, and outcrops in the area as well as time spent viewing core. It is intended to give the geoscience professional tangible examples of the conceptual models they create. The classroom portion of the course will be a 2 day hands-on Petrel Fracture Modeling course delivered in a classroom facility in Casper. Each student will build a model and explore fracture modeling concepts.

The Petrel Fracturing Modeling Course will be taught in Casper, Wyoming in cooperation with the staff at the Rocky Mountain Oil Testing Center, (RMOTC). RMOTC is a 10,000- acre U.S. Department of Energy facility located within the Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 3 (NPR-3), also known as Teapot Dome Oil Field, about 35 miles north of Casper, Wyoming. This is the actual location where the data used in the Petrel Fracture Modeling course was collected

  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    • Introduction at RMOTC Office with Course Objectives and Agenda, Overview of Teapot Dome Geology and Reservoirs
    • Trip to the field site and short field exercises: Measure section in Seattle Shale, Sussex Sandstone, and bentonite marker beds, Observe surface expression of faulting and fracture orientations, Walk through measured section in rimrock; observe and discuss faulting and fracture orientations
    NOTE: Participants, if flying through Denver, must arrive in Denver no later than noon on Sunday, in order to make connections to Casper, Wyoming.

    Day 2

    • Core Lecture and viewing at OmniLabs, exercise involving three Teapot Dome Tensleep cores, standard wireline and FMI logs, detailed core descriptions and correlations, Trip to Alcova Lake Field Location, box lunch, lecture, exercises:
    • Visit Tensleep of Fremont Canyon, walk through measured section of upper Tensleep, identifying sequence boundaries, eolian sandstones, sabkha facies and dolomites, A and B reservoir zones in outcrop, Visit locally at Alcova Dam, examine fractures in Tensleep, and stratigraphy of the Tensleep – Opeche contact, Rent boats at Alcova Marina for boat tour of stratigraphy from PreCambrian to Lower Cretaceous, and structure of the Alcova Anticline (including detailed fracture study)

    Day 3

    • Introduction to Petrel Fracture Modeling, Fracture Theory, Fracture Data Analysis and QC, Modeling Fracture Parameters

    Day 4

    • Building a Discrete Fracture Network (DFN), Upscaling, Building DFN using Multiple Frac Drivers, Dual Porosity/Permeability Simulation

    Day 5

    • Finalize models built in Petrel, Presentation of Result and Roundtable discussion , Short trip to additional outcrops:
    • Visit Emigrant Gap Anticline and Bessemer Anticline (15 minutes from town)
    NOTE : Please schedule your departing flight after 3pm on Friday, or anytime on Saturday from Casper,Wyoming.
  • Audience

    Geoscientists, Engineers and Petrel Modelers

  • Prerequisites

    A working knowledge of Petrel is recommended, but not required.

  • Prerequisites

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