Discipline Health, Safety and Environment
Duration4 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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HSE for Front-Line Supervisors in Oil & Gas Exploration & Production

This course teaches the fundamentals of supervising the health, safety, security, and environmental aspects of field work in the Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Industry Sector. 

  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    • Course Introduction & Workshop
    • Concepts of Management Systems
    • The Oil & Gas Producers Association (OGP) Management System
    • Spiral to Disaster Video
    • Spiral to Disaster Discussions and Workshop
    • Roles & Responsibilities for Supervisors in HSE
    • SMART Objectives, & Workshop
    • The Concept of a Safety & Loss Prevention Committee (SLPC)
    • The Roles of the SLPC
    • Leadership of an SLPC
    • Meeting Management Skills & Workshop 

    Day 2

    • Review of Day 1
    • Decision-Making Styles & Workshop (DiSC)
    •    - Dominance: Direct, decisive independent and to the point; results oriented; often strong-willed.
    •    - Influence: Optimistic, social and out-going; enjoy teamwork; share openly; entertains and motivates others.
    •    - Steadiness: Team player; cooperative and supportive; good listener; prefer being in the background; stable environment; avoids conflict and change.
    •    - Conscientiousness: Cautious and concerned; focused on quality, details and accuracy.
    • Working in a team & Workshop
    • Conflict Management for Front-Line Supervisors
    • Coaching Techniques for Front-Line Supervisors
    • Problem Solving Techniques & Workshop 

    Day 3

    • Review of Day 2
    • Hazard Assessment and Analysis
    • Using a 5X5 Matrix for Risk Analysis
    • Class Exercises & Team Workshops on Hazard Assessment, Analysis, and Risk Control
    • Team Presentations & Class Critiques
    • Environmental Risks in O&G E&P and the Supervisors’ Role
    • Occupational Health Risks in O&G E&P and the Supervisors’ Role
    • Workshops on Enviro & Health Risk Assessments & Control

    Day 4

    • Review of Day 3
    • Team sessions and Presentations of Enviro & Health Risk Assessment & Control Workshops
    • Behavior-Based Safety
    • Motivation Theory
    • The Role of the Supervisor in Observation & Intervention & Workshop
    • Loss Causation Model
    • The Role of the Supervisor in Investigations
    • Assessment and Auditing
    • Workshops on Investigations
    • Management of Change
    • Individual Action Plan Presentations 
  • Audience

    The course is designed for the front line supervisor/line manager and can be applied to supervisors in the service sector as well as entry-level engineer-employees of an Operator.


  • Prerequisites

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