Duration6 Weeks
Delivery Mechanism Virtual Classroom
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A practical introduction to Oil and Gas (MOOC)

A Massively Open Online Course (MOOC)

A flexible timetable, course structure and hands on learning makes this course 'the go to online course' for anyone involved in the oil and gas industry with a lack of time to attend a classroom course. 

Through active immersion participants come away with a broad and memorable understanding of the upstream value chain.

This online course provides participants with an integrated overview of oil and gas exploration and field development, including terminologies and business language.

Reflecting real-life decision gates, teams act as virtual petroleum companies where the value chain processes are followed through a business lens with discovering the impacts from geoscientific, engineering and economic perspectives.

Teams must deliberate on the economic viability of their fields considering costs versus risk; global stewardship; health, safety and environment; local content and fiscal constraints; effective planning and iterating of potential solutions.  All of the activities in the sessions driving home the complex, dynamic and risky nature of oil and gas.

Team work, communication and other soft skills are at the core of a company’s success and this course offers a multitude of opportunities for participants to learn and practice their soft skills and behaviors.

Live and recorded virtual instructor led sessions with additional video content, flexible facilitation and the use of the OilSim business simulator provides a unique 'learning by doing' experience. 

Participants will be placed into teams who then analyze geophysical, geological, and engineering data to make their own time-critical decisions, with outcomes that affect the performance of their companies in later stage gates.

The virtual instructor led classes will run for 2 hours a week for 6 weeks.  During that time the instructor will introduce concepts that take users through exploration, field development and to production and present the week's challenge.

After each live session, a live recording will be made available to all.  In the time between each live session, teams will organise their own time and collaboration, completing their research and analysis, and making their final decisions before set deadlines.  For the duration of the challenge week, the simulation and session recordings will be available for participants to access at their leisure.  Participants can seek realtime chat assistance during the live sessions, and outside of these times the instructor can be contacted by email where responses will be made within a 24 hour period. 

  • Agenda
  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Week 1

    Introduction to OilSim and the online course

    Challenge 1 Initial Screening Identification of non-environmentally sensitive areas within sedimentary basins.

    Week 2

    Challenge 2a Prospecting

    • Consider the Petroleum System elements needed to increase the probability of finding oil and gas.

    Challenge 2b Prospecting

    • Analysis of potential blocks through geoscientific research and strategic selection of licenses in a bidding round. 
    • Complete Corporate Social Responsibility projects and decide upon final license bids.

    Week 3

    Challenge 3a Partnerships  

    • Partner with other teams to share risk and opportunities.

    Challenge 3b Exploration Drilling 

    • Choose drilling rigs and service companies to conduct wild cat and appraisal drilling. 
    • Experience both dry wells, drilling problems and the finding oil and gas. 
    • Taking into account facilities and drilling capital and operational expenses , the teams aim is to create positive company values, based on their proven resources and that of their partners.  


    Week 4

    Challenge 4 Depletion Plan

    • Plan optimal reservoir depletion through the creation of individual reservoir well plans.

    Week 5

    Challenge 5 Facilities Plan

    • Choose and configure the facilities and equipment needed to process and transport the oil and gas.

    Week 6

    Challenge 6 Construction Project

    • Plan the asset construction using some basic project management tools. 
    • Execute the construction plan. (THIS WILL REQUIRE ATTENDENCE TO THE LIVE SESSION)
    • React to situations that arise during the execution phase of construction,  trying to remain on time and on budget.
    • Make changes to contstruction plans with the ultimate goal of reaching First Oil or Gas.
  • Topics

    • Stages and decision gates of asset life cycle
    • Where and how to find hydrocarbons
    • Environmental concerns for the industry
    • Licensing rounds
    • Negotiations and company partnerships
    • Exploration and appraisal drilling
    • Types of drilling rigs and Sub-contractors
    • Economically viable volumes
    • Value of reduction of uncertainty and risk
    • Basic financial terms used in the industry
    • Field development planning
    • Practice project management skills in the construction of production facilities
    • Essential soft skills are practised including team work, critical decision making, analytical skill, multi-tasking and adaptability
  • Audience

    This online course is for anyone working in or around the oil and gas industry; including engineers, support functions,  geologists and geophysicists and even bankers who requires an overall understanding of the upstream value chain to help in their understanding of how their job fits within the grand scheme of their employers, or for clients business.  It suits non-technical and technical employees who need to understand other functions within the upstream value chain.

  • Prerequisites

    No knowledge pre-requisites are required apart from being able to use a computer and browse the internet.

    Participants will need access to:

    • Computer (which meets the technical specification )
    • USB Headset
    • Webcam 

    The OilSim technical specification is available for review upon request. 

  • Prerequisites

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