Discipline Reservoir Engineering ,
Field Development Planning
Duration3 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Petrel Reservoir Engineering - 3 Day

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This course is designed to acquaint reservoir engineers and asset teams to the interactive Petrel reservoir engineering tools used for the construction of simulation models.

In this course, you will build a 3D simulation model inside Petrel based on a geological input data, add wells and well control rules, create black oil fluid models and rock physics functions and submit the model to the simulators.

The practical application of most of the available tools in Petrel used for a typical reservoir engineering workflow is discussed and illustrated in the exercises. The manual is structured in modules with relevant lessons and exercises to help practice the lessons learned in each module. Overall, preprocessing and post-processing of simulation data is done within the Petrel modeling environment

  • Agenda
  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    • Introduction to Petrel Reservoir engineering workflows
    • Overview of the Petrel user interface focusing on typical reservoir engineering workflow
    • How to create a simple simulation grid using different gridding techniques in Petrel
    • How to create or import Rock physics and fluid model using available tools in Petrel

    Day 2

    • How to set up a simulation case
    • Initialization of simulation model workflow and volume calculation
    • How to run simulation simulations and result reviewing and anaysis using the avaliable tools in Petrel

    Day 3

    • Introduction to history matching and prediction workflow in Petrel (detailed workflows on how to create history and prediction strategies)
    • How to import an OFM project and Observed data (.vol) 
    • How to create fault transmissibility multiplier using Structural and Fault analysis tool
    • Simulation study exercises

    The goal of the simulation study exercises is to give you the opportunity to apply most of what you have learned during this course in a more realistic scenario. Each exercise contains a description of the scenario and the main steps. The idea is to let you solve the designed scenario tasks by yourself. Few tips are given in each exercise to encourage you to find your own way to complete the task.


  • Topics

    • Introduction to Petrel Workflows 
    • Petrel Reservoir Engineering for newcomers 
    • How to set up simulation case in Petrel
    • Initialization and Volume Calculation
    • Simulation Run and viewing Results
    • History Matching and Prediction
    • Simulation study exercise
  • Audience

    Development and exploration petroleum engineers, reservoir engineers and geoscientists.

  • Prerequisites

    General knowledge of reservoir engineering, and/or petroleum geology, geophysics.

  • Prerequisites

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