Discipline Economics and Finance
Duration1 Day
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Merak Peep Advanced

You reach a new level of expertise as a Merak Peep software user. You learn to quickly find and edit several Merak Peep cases, modify existing reports, or create new reports.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Topics

    • Learn about standard reports
    • Investigate batch rollup reporting
    • Use filters, groups, and hierarchies to sort and organize data
    • Use advanced batch functionality to perform mass edits
    • Run scripts to perform multiple edits simultaneously
    • Perform result sets searches and rollup reporting to calculate specific or aggregate results
    • Complete consolidations for complex royalty and other calculations
    • Use the Scheduler tool to link cases sequentially
  • Audience

    Anyone who needs to improve their use of the Merak Peep application beyond the fundamental level or evaluate multiple projects using Merak Peep software

  • Prerequisites

    Merak Peep Fundamentals

  • Prerequisites

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