Discipline Production Engineering ,
E&P Introduction and Fundamentals
Duration5 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Introduction to Production Engineering

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Introduction to Production Engineering covers fundamental concepts, following the hydrocarbons production cycle. The course starts with a revision of Reservoir Engineering fundamental notions, focusing then in the effect of well completion in production and finally concentrating in the most common operations and well interventions.

The course has class exercises to ensure the concepts are properly understood and animations are presented to illustrate the operation of downhole tools.

The is primarily designed for non-Production Engineers with the objectives:

  • Become conversant on major topics within the production engineering
  • Develop empathy for the challenges faced by the industry related to production engineering topics
  • Develop the vocabulary and understanding of roles necessary to facilitate discussions with other professionals on production engineering topics
  • Agenda
  • Instructors
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    Overview of Reservoir concepts. How reservoir properties affect production:

    • Introduction, Course Objectives
    • 1st Day Quiz
    • Overview of Production Engineering
    • Reservoir Fluids
      • What is Petroleum
      • Petroleum Products
      • Elements in the Reservoir
      • API Gravity
      • Bubble Point Pressure
      • Oil Formation Volume Factor (Bo)
      • GOR and Rs
      • Viscosity
      • Five Reservoir Fluids
      • Three Gases
    • Radial Flow - Inflow Performance - Oil Wells
      • Radial Flow
      • Important Rock and Well Properties
      • Transient Flow, Pseudo-Steady State Flow and Steady State Flow
      • Darcy's Equation in Oil Wells
      • Skin Factor
      • Productivity Index (PI)
      • Vogel Equation
      • Multiphase flow

    Day 2

    Gas Well Performance and Nodal Analysis:

    • Radial Flow - Inflow Perfromance - Gas Wells
      • Differences between Oil and Gas wells
      • Equations for Inflow Performance in Gas Wells
      • The Deliverability Equation
      • Darcy's Law for Gas Wells
      • Jones Equation
    • Nodal Analysis 
      • What is Nodal Analysis
      • Inflow Performance Ralationship (IPR)
      • Outflow Performance Curve
      • Vertical Multiphase Flow
      • System Graph and Solution Node

    Day 3

    Upper Completion Elements:

    • Casing string and suspension
    • Tubing Selection and Connections
    • Packers
    • Wellheads, Xmas trees and Surface Facilities
    • Accessories
    • Safety Valves
    • Artificial Lift

    Lower Completions Elements:

    • Perforations
    • Sand Exclusion Completions 

    Day 4

    Multilaterals and Intelligent Completions:

    • What is a Multilateral
    • Types of Multilaterals
    • Examples of Multilaterals
    • What is an Intelligent Completion
    • Elements of Intelligent Completions
    • Examples of Intelligent Completions

    Well Intervention (Well and Reservoir Diagnosis)

    • Well Testing
    • Production Logging

    Day 5

    Well Intervention (Pumping Operations)

    • Matrix Treatments
    • Fracturing

    Well Intervention (Light Workovers)

    • Slickline 
    • Coiled Tubing

    Last Day Quiz

  • Instructors

    Manuel Bramao
  • Audience

    The course is designed for Engineers and Geoscientists working in Exploration and Drilling and needing to contact with Production Engineering space.

  • Prerequisites

    Domain of basic Mathematics and Physicss is fundamental. Exposure in the oilfield is beneficial but not essential.

  • Prerequisites

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