Duration5 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Principles of Reservoir Engineering - Heriot-Watt University Course

To produce an understanding of the principles and basic practice of reservoir engineering.

This course forms part of the Heriot-Watt MSc Petroleum Engineering.  Classes may be attended by individuals who seek to understand better the subject but who are not registered for the degree course.  

  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    • Introduction to reservoir engineering
    • Role of reservoir engineer in E&P Interaction with other petroleum engineering disciplines
    • Definition of reservoir pressure
    • Determination of pressure gradients
    • Identification of contacts
    • Effect of capillary pressure on contact
    • Areal variation in reservoir pressure
    • Definitions of reservoir porosity, permeability, capillary pressure
    • Review of core analysis methods to determine rock properties
    • Effect of stress on properties
    • Interaction of rock and fluids - relative permeability effects
    • Measurement of relative permeability
    • Correlation of permeability measurements - laboratory and welltest
    • Effect of vertical variations in permeability on gas/water/oil saturation

    Day 2

    • Composition of reservoir fluids
    • Molecular basis for variation in hydrocarbon content of a reservoir
    • Examination of the fluid physical changes in the reservoir during production
    • Variations in number and saturation of each hydrocarbon phase
    • Physical and mechanical properties of reservoir hydrocarbons
    • Measurement of properties
    • Determination of state parameters for each phase
    • Introduction to fluid flow in the reservoir
    • Estimation of average pressure
    • Development of diffusivity equation
    • Application of diffusivity equation to steady state, semi-steady state and unsteady state flow
    • Applications of line source solution to determine reservoir pressure

    Day 3

    • Extension of line source solution to well testing
    • Overview of well testing techniques Use of well testing in determining average reservoir pressure, productivity index, permeability
    • Use of Horner equation
    • Understanding reservoir energy - drive mechanisms: water drive, gas cap drive, solution gas drive, gravity segregation Vapor liquid equilibrium
    • Effect of composition on equilibrium
    • Variation with temperature
    • Application of deviation factor to ideal gas law
    • Downhole and surface fluid sampling
    • Measurement of PVT parameters
    • Presentation of data to produce formation volume factors, gas oil ratios, compressibilities

    Day 4

    • Concept of reservoir as a single tank
    • Definition of material balance equation for combination drive reservoir
    • Limitations on use of material balance equation
    • Determination of most effective drive mechanism
    • Examination of water influx
    • Use of fractional flow equations
    • Concept of transient and instantaneous pressure changes at oil water contact; immiscible displacement concepts
    • Calculation of recovery from reservoir
    • Effect of heterogeneity on recovery processes
    • Role of geological characterization in improving reservoir flow models
    • Differences in depositional sequences and the effects on fluid distributions

    Day 5

    • Calculation of immiscible displacement floods
    • Concept of reservoir simulation
    • Application of approximate solution to diffusivity equation to overcome restrictions in simple analytical models
    • Nature of gridding process
    • Assignment of fluid and rock properties within the reservoir
  • Audience

    Wide range of technical personnel and those starting in reservoir engineering

  • Prerequisites

    It presumes no basic knowledge of the subject and lays emphasis on the fundamental concepts

  • Prerequisites

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