Discipline Reservoir Engineering
Duration5 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Applied Reservoir Simulation

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This course will introduce participants to the theory and practice of reservoir simulation.  Participants will learn about the fundamentals of reservoir simulation, the development of simulation programs, and how to select the proper model for a simulation study.  This course will also cover data preparation, grid design, calibration of the reservoir model, forecasting of future performance, and interpretation of simulation results. 

Participants will also be introduced to several advanced topics including: pseudo-relative permeability and capillary pressure, understanding the role of simulation in reservoir management, the mechanics of reservoir simulation limitations, and the structural aspects of the models.  Upscaling and simulation techniques will also be discussed.  ECLIPSE software will be used during the tutorials, however prior experience with the program is not required.  During this course, participants will be expected to solve problems in a workshop format using related software applications. 

  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    Reservoir Analysis and Simulation 

    • Classical analysis
    • Characterizing the reservoir
    • Reservoir simulation overview
    • Benefits of reservoir simulation

    On the first day, participants will be given a small introduction to the class by the instructor.  This will be followed by a discussion of classic reservoir analysis and simulation overview.  Characterization of a reservoir and the benefits of reservoir simulation will also be discussed.  Formation of equations, linearization and solution process, minimum data requirements, and well calculations also topics that will be covered during this day.

    Day 2

    Reservoir Data Preparation 

    • Data preparation
    • Porosity
    • Permeability, relative permeability, capillary pressure
    • Hysteresis
    • Fluid Properties - PVT
    • History matching

    This day will focus on teaching the students about reservoir data and its preparation.  Some topics that will be discussed include porosity, permeability, hysteresis, and fluid properties.  Participants will also learn about history matching of reservoir data and how it can assist in data preparation.

    Day 3

    Well Models

    • Fine grid simulations
    • Single well studies
    • Cross-sectional models
    • Areal models
    • Grid orientation

    This day will cover the many types of well models and along with a discussion on grids.  Participants will also learn about layering, cell properties, vertical equilibrium, pseudofunctions, and scale-up procedures.  The main focus of this day will be to teach the students about cross-section models, areal models, single well studies, fine grid simulations, and grid orientation.

    Day 4


    • Coarse grid models
    • Simulation grids
    • Local grid refinements
    • Modeling faults
    • Rock, block, and well properties in a coarse grid
    • Fractured reservoir simulation
    • Simulation walkthrough

    On day four of the course, participants will learn about coarse grid models, simulation grids, and local grid refinements.  Modeling faults and well properties in a coarse grid will also be discussed.  The day will end with a fractured reservoir simulation and walkthrough.

    Day 5

    Overview and Study 

    • Overview of simulation process
    • Conducting a study
    • Overview of compositional simulation

    On the last day of the course, students will participate in an overview of everything that was learned.  The last portion of the day students will be expected to solve problems in a workshop format using the software applications they learned throughout the five day course.

  • Audience

    Engineers, geologists, geophysicists, managers, and other oilfield technical staff.

  • Prerequisites

    A basic understanding of petroleum engineering and geological concepts.

  • Prerequisites

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