Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Discipline Drilling Engineering
Duration3 Days
Delivery Mechanism Virtual Classroom
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Client Testimonials

The contents of the course are very interesting, we can learn more about offshore operations apart from drilling. The instructor expertise was very good, I believe it is a highlight.
I liked the videos and group discussions where I got to learn about deep water activities in other locations.
Instructor has been sharing experience from his life and telling us some stories, which added an extra value to the course.
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Deepwater Design and Operations Familiarisation

The Deepwater Design and Operations Familiarisation course is VILT (virtually instructor-led training) delivered in real time.  The course will be taught in three 8 hour sessions over a 3 day period and is delivered using the “Skype for Business” platform.

This short course provides an overview of Deepwater Design & Operations. It is intended to provide a general insight into deepwater wells to people who are familiar with conventional offshore wells. Topics are reviewed at an overall level, to ensure that a complete picture is provided. New technology applications are mentioned to provide awareness.

Those wishing a deeper knowledge of deepwater wells should take the 5 day  Deepwater Design & Operations course. 

On the first day participants will have an introduction to deepwater wells and a brief overview of offshore drilling history, second day students will review rig selecion, open water operations ended with a complety overview of well control, the last day students will address the key drilling challenges and some drilling technologies such as MPD, and Dual Gradient Drilling, day will close with an overview of deepwater operations.

Students will need the following to attend:

  • Viable network connection (hardwired or high bandwidth wireless)
  • Internet Explorer & Lync 2013/Skype For Business client on your PC (If using Lync 2013/Skype For Business 2013 web app join with your SLB credentials)
  • USB headset
  • Video Capabilities (720p HD)
  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    • Introduction to Deepwater Drilling
    • Deep Water History
    • Deepwater Locations and Geology
    • Overburden and Compaction, Pore and Fracture pressures
    • Metocean & Currents
    • Station keeping

    After the introduction to deepwater wells and a offshore drilling history.  Stundent  will look at the deepwater geological setting in various deepwater locations in the world. Here we discuss how deepwater reservoirs are formed and how many challenges associated with deepwater can be explained by the geological setting.

    Then Overburden and compaction in deepwater locations, leading into the critical differences in pore and fracture pressures between deepwater and shallow water operations. Finally participant will look the metocean setting for deepwater wells, and the requirements for station-keeping in this environment

    Day 2

    • Rig Selection
    • Open water Operations (ROV’s)
    • Conductors
    • Subsea Wellheads and Casings
    • Cementing
    • BOP Systems
    • Drilling Riser Systems
    • Drilling Equipment For Deepwater
    • Deepwater Well Control

    First sessions will address the rig selection and “Open Water Operations” which take place before setting the Blowout Preventors (BOPs), to conductors, wellheads, casing, and cementing.  Following, students will focus on BOPs, riser systems, and what drilling equipment is required for deepwater wells compared with other offshore wells.  This include drilling systems as well as mud handling and riser handling systems.  Finally at the end of the day well control in deepwater will be covered, including a brief discussion of the BP Macondo well and the consequences of this disaster on the industry.

    Day 3

    • Drilling Challenges
    • Shallow Hazards / Hydrates
    • Fluids
    • Subsalt
    • New Technology; Dual Gradient Drilling, MPD
    • Completions & Interventions
    • Operations Management

    During this day, participants will review some of the key drilling challenges such as shallow water flows, shallow gas, and hydrates. Then a review of drilling fluids and subsalt issues. Some new drilling techniques such as MPD and Dual Gradient Drilling will be mentioned briefly.

    Finally, completions and interventions in deepwater to provide insight into how these differ from shallow water wells, ending the session day with the management of deepwater operations, in terms of the demands of complex wells, advanced rig systems, and the high cost operating environment.

  • Audience

    Internal course for Deepwater business.                      

    • Drilling and Well Engineers
    • Directional drillers
    • Drilling Supervisors
    • Assistand Drilling Supervisors
    • People planned to be involved in offshore operations
  • Prerequisites

    Awarness of well operations in shallow water and/or shore

  • Prerequisites

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