Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Discipline Drilling Engineering ,
Deepwater Exploration and Production
Duration5 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Introduction to Deepwater Rig Operations

This course will describe the different types of deepwater drilling units, all their necessary specific equipment and techniques to spud a well. The goal being to transmit to all participants a good knowledge on:

  • Floating drilling rigs (SS / DPDS) and their specific equipment for drilling wells in deep water depth zones (300 - 3000 mtr)
  • Techniques and methods deployed from the arrival of a floating drilling units on a location till the cementation of the conductor casing
  • Major issues and solutions faced in deepwater drilling operations
  • The environmental forces and their impacts on deepwater operations
  • Agenda
  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    Floating Drilling Units

                 * Historic

                 * Semi Submersibles and Drillships

                 * Environment

                 * Rig Motions 

                 * Storage and Handling Systems

                 * Rig Inspection and Selection

                 * Marine Support Vessels 



                 * Stability Theory & Calculations

                 * Stability at large angles of inclination

                 * Ballast Control 

                 * Damage Flooding Countermeasures

    Day 2


                 * Mooring principles, hardware, design, analysis and deployment

                 * Spread Mooring Systems

                 * Anchor handling Vessels (AHV)

                 * Anchor Revovery

                 * Special Operations and New Technology



                * Dynamic positioning system

                * Position Reference Systems

                * Thrusters 

                * Power systems 

                * DP Systems reliability and operations

                * Drive off / Drift analysis 

    Day 3


                * Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVS)

                * Subsea Wellhead Componets 

                * Structural Casing, Condutor Casing



                * Riser System Components, drilling riser and connectors

                *Choke and Kill Lines, auxiliary lines

               * Buoyancy 

               * Telescoping (Slip) Joint

               * Riser Tensioners 

               * Ball / Flex Joints

               * Emergency Disconnect & Hang off 

               * High Current Operations 

    Day 4


              * Equipment and Running Tool Description

              * Casing Operations

              * Cementing Equipment and Operations

              * Other Special Operations


    BOP Equipment

              * Wellhead & LMRP Connectors

              * RAM, Annular Preventers, choke and kill lines

              * Flexible choke and kill lines 

              * Lower Marine Riser Package (LMRP)

              * Hose bundle, hose reel and rigid conduit

              * Control systems and nultiplex

              * BOP Control POD, backup systems

              * BOP Stack testing

    Day 5


             * Alarms, sequencing and timing 

             * Spaceout and drillpipe hangoff 

             * Operating procedures

             * Emergency Disconnect sequence 

             * Motion Compesation 

             * Wellbore Reentry


             * Abandonment Regulations, guidelines 

             * Isolating zones; open hole, open hole @ casing shoe, liner tops, annular spaces

             * Surface plugs 

             * Subsea Wellhead Removal 

             * Guidebase Removal and well abandonment

  • Topics

    • Semi Submersible (SS)
    • Dynamically Positioned Drillship (DPDS)
    • Riser
    • BOP
    • Wellheads
    • Tensioners
    • Mooring, Dynamic positioning
    • Environmental forces
    • Arriving location and cementing conductor
  • Audience

    • Operators
    • Drilling Supervisors
    • Junior Company Representatives
    • Newly comers entering the deep water drilling activity new managers; Drilling Contractor personnel involved in Drilling, Marine, Maintenance, Supervision, Management and Service Companies, Management and Team Leaders.
  • Prerequisites

    Participants should be knowledgable of basic drilling operations and have an understanding of the marine environment for drilling operations. Offshore drilling experience is beneficial.

  • Prerequisites

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