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Discipline Drilling Engineering
Duration5 Days
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Course Progression Map - Deepwater Drilling

Well Integrity - Life of a Well

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Participants in this course will learn how to manage well design, construction, surveillance, and the documentation of well integrity for a “life-of-well” philosophy.  An emphasis will be placed on how industry standards and guidelines relate to barrier construction, monitoring, and management.  The proper understanding of these concepts will equip each participant with the tools to safely and reliably construct and verify the integrity of a well. 

Specific concepts that will be covered during this course will include barrier concepts such as geology, casing, cementing, and various equipment used in completion.  Well integrity standards for ISO, Norsok, API, UK, Canada, USA, and Norway will be covered.  Participants will also learn about corrosion and erosion effects on barriers, issues with loads, pressure, and temperature on barrier integrity, along with barrier inspection and verification. 

This course will use case studies and projects throughout the week, along with a final presentation by small groups where participants will demonstrate the integrity concepts, methods, importance, and problems topics that were covered during the course.

  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    Well Barriers and Their Principles

    • Definition of a well barrier
    • Well integrity
    • Overview of industry standards and government regulations
    • Principles, schematics, and element acceptance criteria

    Day one the participants will learn about the importance and difficulty of achieving well integrity throughout the life of a well.  Part of the day will cover a review of important industry standards and recommended practices for well integrity concepts and methods used to achieve barriers in the well.  Case studies will also be used to help participants in analyzing integrity concepts.

    Day 2

    Well Integrity Elements and Issues

    • Examples of well integrity issues
    • Well barrier elements
    • Well barrier issues

    This day will focus on well integrity, covering well integrity issues and elements.  Participants will learn about specific well barrier elements such as geology, fluid columns, tubulars, cement, completion string and downhole equipment, and wellheads.  These well barrier elements will be discussed to help participants understand how these elements inter-relate to assure well integrity.  A new case study will be conducted to show how barrier elements can be used.

    Day 3

    Well Barrier Verification

    • Subsea wellheads
    • Well integrity issues (cont.)
    • Well barrier verification testing
    • Loads and load cases      

    On day two participants will learn why well barrier verification is at the center of ensuring well integrity for the life of the well.  Participants will work on a case study to see how barriers are verified, what methods are used for testing, and what constitutes successful outcomes of a test.  Participants will also learn about the different ways in which a well may become loaded and what challenges that would be placed on the barriers.

    Day 4

    Well Barrier Element Selection and Issues in Intervention and Abandonment

    • How to choose a Well Barrier Element (WBE)
    • WBE manufacturing QCP and testing
    • Well barrier issues – intervention
    • Annular pressure buildup
    • Abandonment and suspension     

    On this day participants will learn about the well barrier element selection and how to choose a reliable WBE.  This day will also cover WBE issues and well intervention, such as casing inspection and cement verification.  Manufacturing assurances, inspections, and special issues which can be encountered during well intervention will also be topics participants will learn on this day.  The important concern with causes and management of annular pressure buildup, abandonment, and suspension will be discussed.

    Day 5

    Well Integrity Management Systems (WIMS) and Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS)

    • WIMS and SEMS
    • Operational phase well integrity
    • Hazard analysis, emergency response, and management of change
    • Contractor selection
    • Documentation, handover, and recordkeeping  

    Two important management systems used to evaluate barrier effectiveness will be covered on this day, the WIMS and SEMS.  Both of these systems are used by regulatory authorities to evaluate programs used to develop, maintain, monitor, and verify barrier effectiveness. Participants will learn about hazard analysis, emergency response, management of change, and contractor selection.  Proper documentation procedures will also be discussed and a practical exercise will be given to emphasize the concepts.

  • Audience

    Managers, engineers, specialists and operations supervisors who are responsible for ensuring the integrity of an organization’s well assets are the intended audience for this course. 

  • Prerequisites

    Participants will need an understanding of how wells are constructed and what purpose they serve.  Additionally, all participants should have an understanding of general well design concepts, quality assurance methods, and verification and risk management fundamentals.  In addition, participants should also have an understanding of the industry standards and guidelines, as well as how they may factor into the overall philosophy of well construction.

  • Prerequisites

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