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Reservoir-scale heterogeneity in Upper Miocene Platforms of the Balearic Islands.

The objective of this field trip is to understand the factors that control facies belts distributions, platform architecture and internal distribution of heterogeneities.

The first part of the course covers a Lower Tortonian depositional sequence consisting of a transgressive systems tract (nearshore carbonates onlapping and backstepping onto Neogene and Mesozoic rocks) and a highstand systems tract (HST) that corresponds to an aggrading and prograding, high-energy, distally steepened ramp. The second part concentrates on an Upper Tortonian / Lower Miocene depositional sequence comprising a prograding, reef-rimmed platform resulting from euphotic carbonate production by a framework-dominated reef system.


  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    • Menorca. Introduction lecture on the geology of Western Mediterranean and Balearic Islands
    • Outcrops of inner and middle zones of the Migjorn Ramp.

    Day 2

    • Lecture on carbonate platforms
    • Ramp slope. Toe of slope dunes. Gravity flows. Sub-wavebase grainstones
    • Phosphatic crust at the transition between rhodalgal ramp and overlying reef complex

    Day 3

    • Lecture on Ecological Accommodation Concept
    • Pre-ramp fan delta, unconformity and backstepping beach (TST)
    • Fly to Majorca

    Day 4

    • Lecture: Linear vs non-linear response of carbonate platforms to sea-level changes
    • Lecture: Influence of basement physiography on carbonate factories.
    • Llucmajor Platform outcrops.
    • Boat trip to view cliff sections. Overview of reef-rimmed platform architecture.
    • Sa Pedrera Blanca. Shallow basin and forereef slope.

    Day 5

    • Cap Blanc. Reef core and inner lagoon
    • Cala Pi. Outer lagoon lithofacies

    Day 6

    • Cala Llombards / Mirador des Pontas. Shallow water carbonates & subtidal stromatolites.
    • Cala Figuera. Karst collapse structures.
    • Core correlation and seismic interpretation exercises in the field.
  • Audience

    Geoscientists and Earth Scientist Professionals who wish to gain a better understanding of reservoir heterogeneity.

  • Prerequisites

    Basic understanding or background in Geology

  • Prerequisites

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