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Discipline Economics and Finance ,
Field Development Planning ,
Duration3 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Merak Peep Fundamentals and Merak Peep Decline Fundamentals Combined Course

You explore the functionality of Merak Peep (Petroleum Economic Evaluation Program) and Merak Decline analysis software so you can navigate efficiently through the case document, edit existing data, and analyze economic runs.

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  • Topics

    Merak Peep Fundamentals

    • Set Merak Peep software preferences to customize views and calculation parameters
    • Create, edit, and copy economic case documents
    • Review essential economic inputs (production, price, ownership, provincial royalties, state taxes, international tax regimes, operating costs, capital)
    • Create filters and user parameters to sort large volumes of data easily
    • Use scenarios and scenario Manager to perform rapid sensitivity analysis
    • Create consolidations to value workovers and aggregate projects
    • Use batch processes to edit or report multiple cases at once and calculate price sensitivity

    Merak Peep Decline Fundamentals

    • Maintain current in-house and vendor data to understand production levels
    • Fine-tune estimates of your remaining reserves
    • Keep updated historical data ready for reporting and retrieval
    • Create plots and reports based on different analysis options
    • Set preferences to customize your forecasting workflow
    • Easily import and export production history
    • Create groups and summary wells to better manage well data
    • Forecast production rates and volumes
    • Link wells to economic cases for instant assessment of production value
    • Perform basic decline analysis-rate/time curves and cumulative curves
    • Quickly create graphs and reports
  • Audience

    Anyone who needs to develop or improve their skill and understanding of project economics and decline curve analysis performed with the use of the Merak Peep and Peep Decline module.

  • Prerequisites

    Petroleum Economics Fundamentals or equivalent knowledge. Understanding of basic decline analysis techniques and theory.

  • Prerequisites

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