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Discipline Production Engineering ,
Surface Facilities Design and Engineering ,
Deepwater Exploration and Production
Duration5 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Course Progression Map - Fluid Mechanics For Oil and Gas Operations

Course Progression Map - Surface Production Operations

OLGA Flow Assurance (5 days)

4.5 Average client rating (based on 97 attendee reviews)

During this five-day course, you will learn how OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator is used to understand and solve typical flow assurance challenges.

This interactive and practical course includes step-by-step instructions to build and run simple transient simulation models. Key operational procedures are covered, like shutdown, start-up and pigging. Best practices and workflows are also presented for liquid and hydrate management, slugging recognition and mitigation, and fluid handling in OLGA.

The last two days are focused on advanced OLGA workflows to model separators, controllers, and how to model thermal interactions between pipes and surroundings.

All the main features of the OLGA GUI are covered, allowing you to easily build, edit and run models, create parametric studies, and view the results.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Topics

    • Introduction to multiphase production hydraulics and thermal issues
    • Introduction to OLGA GUI
    • Fluid handling in OLGA
    • Introduction to the Flow Assurance concept
    • Simulation of terrain slugging mitigation, hydrodynamic slugging and usage of OLGA Slug tracking
    • Construction of a well-pipeline-riser oil system to simulate typical operational scenarios like shut-in, cool down, start-up and depressurization
    • Simulation of liquid accumulation and pigging in gas condensate pipeline
    • Evaluation of hydrate formation risk and inhibition
    • Modeling separators and controllers in OLGA
    • Modeling a pipeline using the Pipeline editor
    • Introduction to advanced thermal modeling options
  • Audience

    Anyone interested in gaining a general understanding of OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulation to address flow assurance challenges, or beginner to intermediate OLGA users who want to explore OLGA advanced workflows and tools.

  • Prerequisites

    No previous experience with OLGA is necessary, but a general knowledge of pipe flow and thermodynamics is an advantage.

  • Prerequisites

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