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Discipline Geology
Duration2 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Petrel Structural Modeling: Corner Point Gridding Workflow

This course introduces the essentials of building structural models with Corner point gridding process. It covers preparing the data for corner point gridding, fault modeling, pillar gridding, make horizons, make zones, and make layers processes. It discusses quality control methods for horizons and faults. During the course, you learn how to handle complex structural models, including fault truncations, reverse fault modeling, modeling of salt diapirs and creating pillar grid faults from structural framework. The course also goes through the Structural uncertainty analysis and automatization processes.

  • Agenda
  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    •Introduction to subsurface modeling

    •Corner Point Gridding workflow

    •Data preparation

    •Fault Modeling

    •Pillar gridding

    •Quality control

    Day 2

    •Make zones and layers

    •Truncations, reverse fault modeling, salt diapirs

    •Uncertainty analysis

    •Quality reporting

  • Topics

    • Data preparation
    • Fault model
    • Pillar gridding
    • Make horizons
    • QC
    • Make zones and layers
    • Truncations
    • Reverse Faults
    • Salt diapirs
    • Structural uncertainty analysis
    • Automatization
  • Audience

    Geomodelers. Geologist, or anyone with interest in modeling workflows.

  • Prerequisites

    Getting Started with Petrel eLearning.

    Knowledge of Structural Geology and sequence Sstratigraphy. 

  • Prerequisites

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