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Duration4 Days
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Petrel Introduction to Structural & Fault Analysis Module (RDR)

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This Petrel platform module, developed by the Rock Deformation Research group, provides a broad suite of tools for all aspects of visualizing, mapping, modeling, and analyzing faults in the Petrel platform workflow. Attendees will learn new ways to integrate fault geology information into the reservoir simulation process. Examples will show the impact of fault integration into simulation models on prospect evaluations, volumes and simulation responses. The course highlights critical risk factors that influence the analysis of prospects and field development programs and the workflows to capture the likely structural nature of the prospect or field and understand the implications.

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  • Prerequisites
  • Topics


    • New method for fault identification and mapping
    • Property predictions and analysis for Petrel structural framework modeling
    • Fault dip and dip direction: Mapping seismic onto faults and juxtaposition analysis
    • Tools for data cleanup for prospect creation and preparation for geomodeling
    • Streamlining the seismic interpretation process with structural sense checks
    • Creating trap maps and trap analysis
    • Fault juxtaposition mapping
    • Fault geometry and proper analysis
    • Prediction of hydrocarbon column heights using capillary seals
    • Integration of geometric and property uncertainties in analysis


    • Fault seal mapping
    • Fault communication mapping
    • Geomodel analysis tools for QA
    • Fault and grid geometric analysis
    • Fault throw and displacement analysis, including profiles and cumulative frequency plots
    • Susceptibility to failure of faults
    • Fault property predictions, calculations, and filtering
    • Reservoir Juxtaposition analysis
    • Fault plane maps
    • Fault transmissibility multiplier computations
    • Geological tuning of transmissibility multipliers
    • Uncertainty incorporation of fault geometries and properties in workflow
  • Audience

    Development and exploration geologists, geophysicists, geomechanics, and reservoir engineers with prior experience in Petrel software.

  • Prerequisites

    Petrel fundamental course or similar Petrel experience, and general knowledge of structure geology, reservoir engineering, and geophysics

  • Prerequisites

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