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Discipline Information Management
Duration3 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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ProSource Framework Advanced

This course expands on what you learned in ProSource Framework Fundamentals course. As a common application framework solution for data management, ProSource is highly configurable to meet your business and workflow needs. This course provides an understanding of the tasks required to generally configure and administer the ProSource environment such as start-up processing, user management and roles, and security. It also guides you through the steps to personalize the ProSource environment -- such as customizing data sources, data views and data queries, enabling virtual shapes, or launching external applications in context -- and bring focused efficiencies and usability to you and your community of ProSource users.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Topics

    • Prepare and validate the ProSource run-time environment
    • Use the IM Administration Console
    • Create and manage user accounts
    • Create and assign user roles
    • Establish security and test policies
    • Tailor the ProSource Tree -- modify, create or remove topics, views, queries
    • Define custom data sources and capabilities and learn the Viewloader
    • Setup related data and pick lists (drop lists)
    • Establish access to geographic coordinate data and virtual shapes
    • Configure and launch external applications in context
  • Audience

    This course is intended for petro-technical data administrators, data loaders, data managers and any other data management professional who will be responsible for configuring, personalizing and administering ProSource Framework environment.

  • Prerequisites

    ProSource Framework Fundamentals course or working knowledge of ProSource software and understanding of UNIX systems administration, Apache™, Tomcat™, and SQL (Structured Query Language).

  • Prerequisites

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