Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Discipline Production Engineering
Duration3 Days
Delivery Mechanism Virtual Classroom
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Integrated Production Optimization

This course overviews Production Optimization from Reservoir to Surface Facilities. It is delivered in 3 virtual sessions of 4 hours each. The first session is a revision of fundamental concepts of Reservoir Enhancement (EOR and Water Flooding); the second session is a discussion of Production Optimization Techniques at wellbore (sandface completions and hydraulic fracturing); and the third session covers the integration of subsurface with surface production facilities (identification of restrictions, modeling and trends in the industry for smart wells and fields).

  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    Introduction to the course

    • Reservoir Enhancement (EOR, Water Flooding)
    •  First part: Primary and secondary recovery mechanisms
      • Standard definitions, types, and methods of calculation of reserves
      • Life under primary recovery phase: Recovery targets and ways to improve
      • Secondary recovery phases: Immiscible gas injection and water flooding
    • Second Part: Enhanced Oil Recovery - EOR
      • Definition and classification of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods
      • Improved and Enhanced Oil Recovery (IOR & EOR) definitions.
      • Limitations of different EOR methods and their environmental impacts
    • Third Part: Water Flooding
      • Water flooding aspects: screening, flood pattern, displacement theory, limitations
      • Application of fractional flow theory for oil recovery
      • Calculation example about water flood
      • Required surface facilities and water flood plant
      • Problems and limitations of water flooding

    Day 2

    Production Optimization technologies at wellbore (sand face completions: hydraulic fracturing and sand exclusion)

    • Introduction to Production Optimization at Wellbore
    • Formation Damage and Productivity
      • Formation Damage Mechanisms
      • Pseudo-Damage
      • Skin, Influence of Skin in Productivity
    • Sandface Completions
      • Open Hole Completions
      • Cased Hole Completions and Perforations
      • Sand Exclusion Methods
      • Gravel Pack, Natural Sand Pack
      • Applications and Limitations
    • Hydraulic Fracturing
      • Purpose of Hydraulic Fracturing
      • Hydraulic Fracturing Models
      • Step-Rate Test and Minifrac
      • FracPack
      • Fracturing Fluids and Proppants
      • Production Prediction

    Day 3

    Subsurface Surface Production optimization

    • Revision of Integrated Production System
    • Subsurface Surface Production Management
      • Identification of restrictions and correctives actions
      • Performance Management
      • Integrated subsurface surface automation concept
    • Integrated Application System and Production System Modeling
      • Production system modeling
      • o Examples using PIPESIM
    • Technological Trends and Integrated Information Systems
      • Oil and gas production applications
      • Smart wells and fields


  • Audience

    Drilling, Production, Completion, Reservoir Engineers, Petrophysicists and other prsonnel in need of a global vision of production impeachments and mitigation and production optimization.

  • Prerequisites

    BSc in an Engineering or Science and minimum 3 years exposure to Surface or Subsurface well activities.

  • Prerequisites

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