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Discipline Production Engineering
Duration5 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Course Progression Map - Hydraulic Fracturing

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Course Progression Map - Hydraulic Fracturing

Fracturing Shales

The course discusses the completion of wells in shale formations using hydraulic fracturing technique. The course revisits the concepts of fracturing in sandstones (models, fluids and proppants), introduces the concepts related to fracturing shale formations - geomechanics of shales, models for hydraulic fractures in shales, complexity of hydraulic fractures - and discusses the main concerns related to the completion of horizontal wells. After the course, participants will be able to contribute to the development of shale well completions, participating in multi-disciplinary groups dedicated to the design hydraulic fracturing in these formations.



  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    • Introduction to the course
    • 1st Day Quiz
    • History of Fracturing
    • Introduction to Fracturing
    • Facturing Methodology


    The first day of the course reviews the role of fracturing in well production an discusses the technical and economical concepts related with this Completion Technique. A quiz will help the instructor to steer the best approach to the audience level in Fracturing.

    Day 2

    • Hydraulic Fracturing Modelling
    • Frac Fluids
    • Frac Fluids Additives
    • Proppants
    • Shale Fluids and Proppants


    During the second day of the course, Fracturing techniques in Sandstones and Shales are compared, as well as fracturing fluids and proppants. Numerous exercises are used to clarify the application of these concepts.

    Day 3

    • Shale Geomechanics
    • Brittleness
    • In-Situ Stress Testing
    • Perforating Horizontal Wells


    The third day of the course discusses in-depth the geomechanics of shales (mechanical earth model and anisotropy) and perforating strategy for horizontal drains. Numerous exercises are used to clarify the application of these concepts.


    Day 4

    • Facture Complexity
    • Wiremesh and Unconventional Fracture Models


    During the forth day of the course, are presented the models that apply to hydraulic fractures in shale formations, discussing the required coverage of complex fractures. Numerous exercises are used to clarify the application of these concepts.

    Day 5

    • Horizontal Justification
    • Vertical Wells and Lateral Landing Points
    • Horizontal Well Cementing
    • Last Day Quiz
    • Round Table


    The last of the course presents the reasons for fracturing horizontal drains in conventional and unconventional formations, discussing the near-well fracturing issues, the use of vertical pilot holes and cementing concerns in horizontal wells. A last day quiz reflects the progress during the class and a Round Table summarizes points for improvement.




  • Audience

    Reservoir Engineers, Production and Completion Engineers and other technical staff involved in fracturing design and operations in shale formations.

  • Prerequisites

    Exposure to the concepts of fracturing in conventional formations and general knowledge rock mechanics.

  • Prerequisites

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