Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Discipline Petrophysics
Duration5 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Advanced Production Logging

This is a 5 day course aimed at personnel with a solid grounding and some experience in production logging. These candidates should have attended the cased hole production logging and reservoir monitoring course.

This course will focus on extending the level of this earlier cased course by in-depth evaluations of 2-phase and 3-phase flow in tubulars. This will concentrate on workshop environments to alleviate the level of exposure to advanced and more complex production systems. Local examples will be reviewed with used as a working basis for such a session.

The course will also review the various types of reservoir fluids and will look in some details at near wellbore formation damage and the concept of positive and negative skin. This is essentially to help analyse the Productivity Index (PI) of each zone in commingled production and analyse underperforming wells.

Reservoir Saturation monitoring will be presented in-depth details with a stronger focus on the principles of the tools measurement accuracies. Carbon/oxygen ratio calibrations will also be analysed in details and a workshop on interpretations will also be made on local examples. The course will highlight the applications of this technique to estimate water saturations behind the casings and the salinity of this invading water. Behind casing Formation Resistivity will also be reviewed in details and the results compared with CIO ratio and Pulsed Neutron Logging applications.

Cased Hole Formation Evaluation will also be presented. This will review techniques for sampling and for measuring pressure behind the casing.

  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    • PL Overview
    • Inflow Performance (IP) in oil and gas wells
    • Well Completions
    • Flow regimes in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells

    Day 2

    • Slippage velocities: theory and empirical charts applications.
    • Various techniques to measure fluid velocities
    • Spinner calibrations in multi-phase flow regimes
    • Holdup measurements in 3 phase flow: Various tools and their applications.
    • Reynolds number and its applications to production logging

    Day 3

    • Temperature profiling to detect leaks.
    • Temperature profiling in flowing wells to estimate production and to detect leaks.
    • Permanent temperature sensors using fibre optics: Theory and applications.

    Day 4

    • Equations applied in multi-phase flow regimes
    • Single phase flow
    • Water coning and its interpretations
    • Production logging in gas wells
    • Uneven depletions and cross flow computation without shutting the well
    • Two phase Flow

    Day 5

    • Three phase flow.
    • Production logging tools in horizontal wells
    • Production log interpretations in horizontal wells.
  • Audience

    The workshop is for engineers who have to work on reservoirs. This includes Production Technologists, as well as Production and Reservoir engineers.

  • Prerequisites

    The workshop level will dictate that the attendees should have been exposed to a basic and intermediate level of cased hole production logging and reservoir monitoring. The participants should also have at least an average level of experience in the use of cased hole log interpretations.

  • Prerequisites

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