Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Duration2 Days
Delivery Mechanism Virtual Classroom
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Production Analysis in Flow System

The course Production Analysis in Flow System is a foundation level VILT (virtually instructor led training) course delivered in real time. The course will be taught in 4 hour sessions over a 2 day period and is delivered using the WebEx platform. Our virtual training methodology incorporates passive and active learning in an effort to achieve the best virtual training experience.

Each student will need the following to attend:

USB Headset
Video Capabilities (720HD)
Internet Access
MS Office

The participants will learn the fundamentals of fluid flow as applied to well productivity problems and will get deep understanding of the concept of Nodal analysis.  Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

Select appropriate model and calculate inflow performance of an oil or a gas well
Calculate pressure drop for upward flow in an inclined pipe
Evaluate skin factor

  • Agenda
  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    Fundamentals of reservoir fluid flow (estimated 4 hour delivery in four sessions)

    • Overview of fundamentals of fluid flow
    • Pseudosteady state IPR for oil well.  Multiphase IPR
    • Gas well IPR

    Participants will thoroughly understand the pseudosteady state Darcy's equation, its assumptions and limitations.  The various approaches to modeling multiphase flow will be presented.  IPR curves for oil and gas wells using several models will be generated and their applicability discussed.

    Day 2

    Flow regimes and vertical multiphase flow (estimated 4 hour delivery in four sessions)

    • Flow regimes.  Transient IPRs
    • Damage and stimulation
    • Vertical multiphase flow

    Flow regimes will be defined and explained.  Participants will learn the different types of skin factor.  Pressure drop for upward fluid flow in an inclined pipe will be calculated.

  • Topics

    Inflow performance of oil and gas wells

    Flow regimes, transient and PSS IPRs

    Damage and stimulation

    Multiphase vertical flow

  • Audience

    Anyone who wants to get good understanding of fundamentals of Nodal analysis. 

  • Prerequisites

    Basic knowledge of Excel

  • Prerequisites

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