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Discipline Field Development Planning ,
Duration5 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Introduction to Field Development Planning

Introduction to Field Development planning course provides participants with an opportunity to learn the fundamental approach in working and writing a Field Development Plan. It is a document which is an output of a sequence of decision and discipline based tasks designed to come up with a Development Plan. It is a basis for coming up with a robust way of developing, producing and maintaining hydrocarbon resource including surface design. It forms an input for designing associated surface facilities.  Combined documents, both subsurface and surface form the basis for financial decision.

The structured approach is achieved by applying concepts borrowed from different industries. These include project management, making a road map, risk register and stake holder mapping.

The participants will be introduced to all these concepts as they are applied in the process of coming up with a development plan in relation to the reservoir life cycle.

 Key Learning Elements

  •  Fundamental approach in writing a Field Development Plan.
  • Appreciate the need for updating the reservoir development plan during the different stages of reservoir / field life.
  • The concept and importance reservoir monitoring and data collection.
  • Introduction to the different concepts of Road map, risk register and stake holder mapping.
  • Essentials of a robust FDP 
  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    • The participants will be introduced to the different phases of a reservoir life cycle. This will include the reason and the need to come up with a field development plan in order to exploit the reservoir in an appropriate manner,
    • Introduction of different field development options for the reservoir.

    Day 2

    • Discussion of data integration and their interdependence. Integration and timing of subsurface and surface for decision making process.
    • Discussion of the different interfaces and their relationship and data gathering and need for reservoir monitoring. 

    Day 3

    • In depth discussion of various components of a Field Development Plan. This will also highlight the different tasks and activities that need to be done and reported in a Field Development Plan.

    Day 4

    • Review the concepts of FDP. Introduction to Opportunity Framing Workflow, road map, risk register and stake holder mapping. 

    Day 5

    • Continue reviewing the concepts of FDP and introduction to Opportunity Framing Workflow, road map, risk register and stake holder mapping.
  • Audience

    This course is designed to for multi-disciplinary asset team of operating companies comprising of engineers, geoscientists, and managers involved in or will be involved in developing hydrocarbon resources.

  • Prerequisites

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