Oil & Gas Training
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Discipline Reservoir Engineering
Duration5 Days
Delivery Mechanism Practical Training with Software
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PVT Properties of Petroleum Fluids: Theory and Applications

This course will present the methods for obtaining values of reservoir fluid properties from laboratory data and correlations.  Chemical properties of hydrocarbons, conventional laboratory PVT (Pressure-Volume-Temperature) tests and quality control will also be covered.  Participants will learn about phase diagrams, mixing rules, EOS, EOS tuning, and fluid properties while attending this course. 

Last day is reserved for case studies and will be run at workshop environment with client specific PVT data when provided


  • Agenda
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    • Overview
      • Phase Behavior of single and multi-component systems
      • Miscibility concept
      • Reservoir Fluids
    • Equations of State for Ideal and Real Gases
    • PVT Properties of Natural Gas
    • PVT Properties of Black Oil
    • Black Oil Correlations

    Day 2

    • Ideal and Non-Ideal Gas-Liquid Equilibrium
    • Evaluation of phase boundaries and flash equilibrium with EOS
    • Cubic Equation of State
    • Solution of van der Waals EOS

    Day 3

    • Fugacity Evaluations
    • PVT-VLE Evaluation
    • Tuning of Equations of State
    • Surface Separation and example separator Calculations

    Day 4

    • PVT sampling methods , quality control and sample selection 
    • Complex Fluid sampling
    • Decontamination algorithms

    Day 5

    Workshop with Client’s Data

    • Load sample/sample(s) into PVTi
    • If gas condensate/volatile oil sample, perform material balance calculations on CVD experiment
    • Tune EoS using lab measurements CVD/DL, CCE, separator tests, swelling experiments (this can be very time consuming for multiple samples)
    • Split tail of sample
    • Group components into pseudo components
    • Tune viscosity separately from EOS
    • Export EOS for use with compositional simulation
    • Export PVT tables for use with black oil simulation (ensure that separator conditions are used)
  • Audience

    Engineers who are dealing with PVT properties of petroleum fluids

  • Prerequisites

    PVTi awareness


  • Prerequisites

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