Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Location Doha, Qatar
Start25 Oct 2017
End26 Oct 2017
Discipline Geology ,
Petrophysics ,
Software Development
Duration2 Days
CostUSD 1,800.00
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Techlog Python

The Techlog Python class is designed to introduce users to programming basic and advance scripts in Techlog.

Students will be taught:

  • How to create, edit, open and run scripts in Techlog (in a workflow).
  • Basic python syntax and programming skills will be explained, few Python and Techlog modules (libraries) will be introduced.
  • Advance scripting including reading/writing and creating Techlog modules will be covered.
  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Location
  • Topics

    Introduction to Python

    • History and concept
    • Python inside Techlog

    Introduction to the Python editor

    • Open and run scripts
    • Understand the basics of programming
    • Python syntax and coding rules

    Application workflow interface for Python

    • Run your own equations in a multi-wells and multi-zones environment

    Python additional modules

    • Data QC and harmonization, file import, etc. (Techlog Database)
    • Custom plots (Techlog Plot)
    • Mathematical and scientific tools (Numpy / Scipy)

    Advanced scripting

    • Introduction to advanced basics (multi dimensional lists, dictionaries)
    • Introduction to oriented object programming

    Read/Write files

    • Read/Write text, csv and excel files
    • Import data from excel file and load it inside
    • Techlog Database
    • Reporting

    Modules creation

    • Create custom libraries
  • Audience

    Software developers or geoscientists with basic programming skills interested in gaining a general understanding of programing in Techlog Python

  • Prerequisites

    Techlog fundamentals

  • Prerequisites

  • Location


    Doha, located on the Persian Gulf, is the capital city of the state of Qatar.


    Doha is home to a number of sports stadiums, many of which were renovated in preparation for the 15th Asian Games, held in December 2006. Doha also hosted the 3rd West Asian Games in December 2005. Doha is also expected to host the 2011 Asian Indoor Games; Doha will also host the finals for the 2011 AFC Asian Cup. Qatar is aiming to be the region's sports capital.

    Doha International Airport is Qatar's only international airport. It is the hub of Qatar Airways, and is served by many other international airlines.

    From Wikitravel licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

    • Timezone : GMT+03:00, Saudi Arabia (Baghdad)
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