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Location Houston, TX, United States
Start29 Oct 2018
End31 Oct 2018
Discipline Geology ,
Duration3 Days
CostUSD 2,700.00
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Course Progression Map - Formation Evaluation

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Course Progression Map - Formation Evaluation

Techlog Formation Evaluation with Quanti.Elan

This course introduces experienced log interpreters to building log interpretation models and generating solutions with the Quanti.Elan solver of Techlog.

You will learn how to use the combiner to build a final model from several models and how to compute petrophysical results from the final model using the postprocessing method.

This course also teaches you how to build one model per zone with Quanti.Elan solver of Techlog.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Topics

    • Load and Quality Control data (from DLIS or LAS files)
    • Pre-computations estimation of critical parameters for interpretations. These include mineral, rock and fluid endpoints and other petrophysical parameters.
    • Log response equations with particular emphasis on neutron porosity and resistivity-based saturation equations
    • Initialization
    • Construction of Formation Evaluation models
    • Zoning and Classification Groups
    • Combining formation evaluation models
    • Post Processing
  • Audience

    • Petrophysicists
    • Geologists
    • Log interpreters, and technical personnel with prior experience of formation evaluation with Techlog.
  • Prerequisites

    • Techlog Fundamentals and
    • Techlog Formation Evaluation 
  • Prerequisites

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