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Location Houston, TX, United States
Start09 Jul 2018
End13 Jul 2018
Discipline Geophysics ,
Duration5 Days
CostUSD 4,500.00
Delivery Mechanism Practical Training with Software

Client Testimonials

The course was very relevant to my present work requirement. The instructor was very helpful and explained many things that were unclear
Fabulous course ! excellent instructor ! It's got a great number of reviews and updates of seismic inversion techniques as well as very practical Petrel exercises.
Great combination of background domian knowledge and practical exercises on the software modules
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Practical AVO and Seismic Inversion with Petrel

4.3 Average client rating (based on 177 attendee reviews)

A profitable development of an oil or gas field starts with a good understanding of the subsurface as a basis for efficient and successful field management. The integration of AVO and inversion techniques in Quantitative Interpretation helps to create the best possible petrophysics subsurface model. Improved discrimination of reservoir units are made and models are generated using logs and seismic data. These techniques lead to highly accurate or highly probable (static) subsurface models compatible (if correctly up-scaled) to dynamic reservoir models obtained from reservoir engineering measurements and computations.

The correct use of seismic attributes, well data analysis, AVO and seismic inversion is essential to establish subsurface models that can be used for improved field development planning and design.

Learning, methods and tools:

This course has Petrel exercises to reinforce learning

At the end of the course participants will understand basic concepts in quantitative seismic analysis and interpretation based on AVO, well-to-seismic calibration and inversion techniques. Participants will consolidate their understanding of modern technology with recent field study examples and practical workshop exercises.

This course is also available as a 3 day course without Petrel exercises

  • Agenda
  • Topics
  • Instructors
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    • Introduction
    • Basic Concepte
    • Seismic Processing for AVO and inversion
    • Exercise - Pre-stack Seismic Interpretation
    • Exercise - Angle stack creation
    • Exercise - Non-Rigid Matching

    Day 2

    • AVO Theory
    • AVO Classificationsand DHI's
    • Exercise - AVO Forward Modeling
    • Practical applications of AVO analysis – fluid factor, intercept and gradient etc.
    • Exercise - AVO Attributes

    Day 3

    • Inversion Theory and Methods
    • Exercise - Post-stack inversion
    • Well to seismic ties and wavelets
    • Exercise - Seismic Well Tie

    Day 4

    • Low frequency model building
    • Exercise - Low frequency model building
    • Practical applications of seismic inversion - including lithology discrimination and rock physics inversion.
    • Exercise - Pre-stack seismic inversion

    Day 5

    • 4D and 3C Inversion
    • Exercise - Using Inversion Results
    • Stochastic Inversion
    • Latest Developments - joint EM-Seismiic Inversion, AVAZ, Zoeppritz Inversion
  • Topics

    Seismic Processing for AVO and inversion

    AVO Theory

    Practical applications of AVO analysis – fluid factor, intercept and gradient etc.

    Inversion Theory and Methods

    Well to seismic ties and wavelets

    Low frequency model building

    Practical applications of seismic inversion - including lithology discrimination and rock physics inversion.

    4D and 3C Inversion

    Stochastic Inversion

  • Instructors


    Dr. Alan Brown is an AAPG-certified petroleum geologist with 36 years' experience in the industry and has expertise in the integration and interpretation of multidiscipline geological-geophysical petrophysical surface and subsurface information.

    He uses his broad industry experience in oil and gas prospecting, managing production unit geological evaluation and optimizing reservoir performance to deliver practical training for the practicing geoscientist or petroleum engineer.

  • Audience

    Geologists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers, processing geophysicists and seismic interpreters involved with exploration and development of oil and gas reservoirs.

  • Prerequisites

    Practical knowledge of Petrel software is recommended, but not essential.

    Basic Knowledge of applied geophysical principles and seismic interpretation

  • Prerequisites

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