Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Location Pau, France
Start05 Nov 2018
End09 Nov 2018
Discipline Surface Facilities Design and Engineering
Duration5 Days
CostEUR 3,400.00
Delivery Mechanism Classroom

Course Progression Map - Surface Facilities Production Operations

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Course Progression Map - Surface Facilities Production Operations

Surface Facility Production Operations

This course will provide participants with the fundamental and principles of production fluid behavior, conditioning, and processing from the wellhead to custody transfer. The participants will learn oilfield production handling at the surface, the treatment equipment, and the processes.

Natural gas and oil physics characteristics, gathering system, separation, treatment, pigging, transportation, measurements, rotating equipment, vessel and piping design, and operations will all be covered to enhance operational efficiencies.

Participants will learn how to design and operate the surface facilities production equipment and processes through daily exercises.

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  • Agenda

    Day 1

    Production Systems, Fluid Properties, and Hydrocarbon Properties 

    • Production system analysis
    • Oilfield fluids
    • Hydrocarbon properties exercise

    On day one of this course participants will learn about production system analysis, fluid properties, and oilfield fluids.  Hydrocarbon properties, such as gas solubility in crude oil, crude oil volumetric factors, viscosity, density, and interfacial tension will be covered.  To end the day attendees will participate in hydrocarbon properties exercises.

    Day 2

    Manifold and Gathering Systems 

    • Production manifolds
    • Flow line characteristics
    • Gathering systems
    • Flow of fluids

    The focus of day two will be manifold and gathering systems.  Production manifold onshore and offshore facilities will be discussed, along with flowline characteristics.  Gathering systems, such as radial, axial, loop, well center, and truck line systems will be covered on this day.  Pipeline systems including the analysis of single and multiphase flow will be covered.  The day will end with fluid flow exercises.

    Day 3

    Pigging and Separation 

    • Pigging
    • Separation      

    Day three will teach participants about the configuration and operation of the pigging system. Separation design, selection, internal evaluation, problems, and troubleshooting will be covered in detail. The day will end with exercises on separation design and selection for different environments.

    Day 4

    Oil and Water Treatment 

    • Oil treatment
    • Water treatment

    On day four participants will learn about the emulsion theory, emulsion destabilization, oil dehydration equipment, processes design and operation, and the desalting processes and equipment. Oil removal, suspended particles, oxygen removal, bacteria control are the topics to be covered in the water treatment session. At the end of the day real cases will be discussed and run exercises to design a real oil and water treatment facilities.

    Day 5

    Gas Treatment, Pumps, and Compressors 

    • Gas treatment
    • Pumps
    • Compressors

    The focus of day five will be gas dehydration, the sweetening process, and equipment. Emphasis on design, technology selection, and operation problems will be the main topics to be covered in the gas treatment part of the day. Pumps and compressors design, selection, and operations will also be covered on this day.  At the end of each session participants will learn how to design and select gas treatment facilities, pumps, and compressors.

  • Instructors

    Valmore Rodriguez
  • Audience

    Surface facility operation engineers, surface facility design engineers, production operation engineers, and production managers.

  • Prerequisites


  • Prerequisites

  • Location


    The historic town of Pau has a mild climate, numerous parks and gardens, and stunning views of the Pyrenees Mountains.

    Pau Château

    The town and surrounding region are renowned for excellent food and superb local delicacies and offer a wide range of sporting events and activities to keep you entertained on evening and weekends. Pau is home to several top national sports teams (basketball, rugby, handball), the oldest golf course in continental Europe and superb new spa facilities, and is just a stone’s throw from ski slopes, mountain trails and sandy beaches.

    The NExT Training Centre Pau is easily accessible via regular international flights to Pau Pyrenees Airport and TGV rail links from Paris. NExT can help you with organizing your local transport and accommodation.

    • Timezone : GMT+01:00, Europe (Paris)
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