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Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Start24 Nov 2019
End28 Nov 2019
Discipline Drilling Engineering
Duration5 Days
CostUSD 4,750.00
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Directional Drilling and Surveying

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The goal of the course will be to enable participants to understand the operations carried out by directional drillers.  They will also learn how to contribute to the design of directional and horizontal wells. The course will cover the fundamentals, design considerations, and operational aspects of directional and horizontal drilling.

  • Agenda
  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Agenda

    Day 1

    Directional Drilling Fundamentals and Terminology 

    • Fundamentals, applications, and limitations
    • Terminology, well objectives, and target issues
    • Well planning: positioning and coordinate systems

    Day one will focus on directional drilling fundamentals and terminology.  Participants will learn about the fundamentals, applications, and limitations of directional drilling.  The day will continue with a discussion over terminology, well objectives, and target issues.  A discussion on well planning will close out the day, paying special attention to positioning and coordinating systems.

    Day 2

    Surveying and Advanced Well Planning

    • Survey calculation methods
    • Anti-collision and well planning
    • Surveying tools
    • MWD, LWD and mudlogging

    Participants will learn about surveying and advanced well planning on the second day.  Survey calculation methods, anti-collision and advanced well planning, and surveying tools will all be covered on this day.  The day will end with participants learning about the uses of MWD, LWD and mudlogging in directional drilling.           

    Day 3

    Downhole Equipment

    • Drilling tools and deflection methods
    • Drilling motors overview
    • BHA design
    • Rotary steerable systems

    Downhole equipment will be the focus of day three.  Participants will learn about the different drilling tools and deflection methods.  Drilling motors and bit overview will be covered as well.  The day will end with participants learning about BHA design and rotary steerable systems.

    Day 4

    Well Planning and Path Design

    • Directional well path design
    • Horizontal well planning and calculations
    • Horizontal drilling planning
    • Drill string design
    • Torque, drag, shocks and vibrations

    Day four will cover well planning and path design.  On this day participants will get a chance to learn about directional well path design and horizontal well planning.  Drillstring design and important aspects of drillstring operation in directional and high angle wellbores is explored. Torque and drag complications in directional wells are explained.

    Day 5

    Hole Cleaning and Wellbore Stability 

    • Hole cleaning
    • Well bore stability
    • Introduction to multilateral wells
    • Geosteering
    • Directional drilling problems and solutions

    The last day of the course will teach participants about hole cleaning and wellbore stability.  Participants will also be given an introduction to multilateral drilling.  Geosteering and direction drilling problems and solutions will be discussed. The day will conclude with an exploration of some of the most common problems encountered in directional drilling and a summary of the material that has been covered over the five day course.

  • Topics

    Directional surveying
    Well location calculation methods
    Deflection methods
    Anti-collision concepts
    LWD and mudlogging use in directional drilling
    Bottomhole assemblies and drill string tools used in directional drilling
    Concepts of torque and drag and shocks and vibrations
    Introduction to multilaterals 
    Directional drilling problems

  • Audience

    Drilling Engineers, Drilling Supervisors, Trainee Directional Drillers, and service company personnel with basic drilling engineering skills.

  • Prerequisites

    All participants should have some basic drilling engineering experience and one to three years of wellsite experience. Prior exposure to directional drilling is recommended, but not required. Good mathematic skills will be necessary, particularly trigonometry.

  • Prerequisites

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