Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Start01 Oct 2020
End02 Oct 2020
Discipline Reservoir Engineering ,
Drilling Engineering ,
Geology ,
Field Development Planning
Duration2 Days
CostUSD 1,800.00
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Petrel Well Design

4.5 Average client rating (based on 53 attendee reviews)

This Course is based on Petrel 2015.1 release

This course is designed specifically for SIS drilling support to learn the well planning fundamentals and Petrel drilling workflows.

There are four main topics: offset well analysis, well design; well positioning and real-time operation.

The attendee is guided through the preparation stage for data used in well design. This includes project setup, data import and preparation. You will learn how to import trajectory and targets from third-party applications, such as EDM.

You will undertake well design exercises integrated all the elements of the well planning, from making offset well analysis using drilling risks; defining geological targets; building drillable well paths to intercept geological targets; do trajectory uncertainty analysis, create driller’s targets; perform anti-collision analysis, modify the path to avoid collision with nearby wells; finally generate report and plotting.

After the planning phase, you will learn how real-time data acquisitions are handled in Petrel.

  • Topics
  • Audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Topics

    Petrel fundamental:

    • Petrel platform introduction

    • Petrel interface and windows

    • Set units and CRS for a new project;

    • Import well head, trajectory, well logs, well tops and image;

    • Display data in 2D and 3D windows;

    • Creating well section window;

    • Objects spreadsheets and settings.

    Make/edit geological targets

    Well design

    • Create well plan using Well plan designer;

    • Create well plan from Template;

    • Modify well plan using Well plan designer, dragger, and Inspector;

    • Convert proposed wells to advanced plans

    • Create well plan report;

    Well positioning

    • Trajectory uncertainty;

    • Driller’s target;

    • Anti-collision;

    • No-go zone;

    • Create anti-collision report.

    Offset well analysis:

    • Import offset well data using indexed EDM files;

    • Import drilling events;

    • create drilling risk and manage risks;

    • Import and display BHAs.


    • Introduce real-time data handling in Petrel


    • Making scaled map view for well plan;

    • Generate vertical section for plan;

    • Making scaled vertical view for well plan.

  • Audience

    Drilling engineers, geologists, and petro-technical personnel with fundamental knowledge in Petrel and  who needs to understand well path design and optimization within Petrel.

  • Prerequisites

    Petrel Fundamentals course.

    In addition some basic knowledge of well design and drilling is recommended

  • Prerequisites

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