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NExT's curriculum provides courses for technical and nontechnical professional at all experience levels. The course matrix below organizes the curriculum by course focus and competency level. You can use this matrix to find the right course and build your training plans. Software and Domain courses are listed separately in their respective sections, please click on the interested tab to see all the courses under the corresponding discipline. Field trips are marked while technical courses that use software have been marked , and the courses with practical sessions (either hands-on operational or software or both) are highlighted with . There are some courses that use simulators and are highlighted with .

Course Offerings

To meet the educational and career-advancement needs of oil and gas professionals worldwide, and to enhance E&P professionals' core competencies, NExT offers comprehensive, customized training programs that fit the needs of your organization. Covering the entire breadth of the E&P domain, NExT builds development programs that span core industry disciplines and challenges. The NExT technical and software team of oil and gas experts is committed to sourcing the best instructors, producing materials to the highest standard, and ensuring that the curricula evolve to embrace the latest technology advances. Through the NExT comprehensive course and instructor evaluation system, a continuous quality assurance process is in place, which ensures NExT training staff members are not only technical experts but also highly competent teachers.

Through our industry relations and NExT Client Advisory Board members, we continually work to incorporate into our curricula emerging technologies and industry relevant concepts. Our faculty of over 3,000 independent instructors come from a wide variety of technical and regional experience that allows NExT to bring world class expertise to address your skills and training requirements.

Which course is right for me

NExT’s courses are organized by their training levels. These levels describe how the information in the course has been tailored to match the intended audience.

Awareness Tailored for non-technical professionals who need an overview of technical topics and broad understanding of a domain or software applications.
Foundation Geared to technical professionals, including engineers, geoscientists, or operations personnel, who need an introduction to technical theory, techniques, or applied software use. Foundation courses frequently include exercises that require advanced understanding or abilities in mathematics and physics.
Skill Designed for practicing technical professionals who are experienced in the technical discipline and software or are seeking to cross train.
Advanced Engineered for experienced professionals who need to focus on new techniques, the latest software workflows, or complex solutions to solve challenging or niche technical problems.
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