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NExT's curriculum provides courses for technical and nontechnical professional at all experience levels. The course matrix below organizes the curriculum by course focus and competency level. You can use this matrix to find the right course and build your training plans. Software and Domain courses are listed separately in their respective sections, please click on the interested tab to see all the courses under the corresponding discipline. Field trips are marked while technical courses that use software have been marked , and the courses with practical sessions (either hands-on operational or software or both) are highlighted with . There are some courses that use simulators and are highlighted with .

Competency Level   Geology Geophysics Other
Advanced   A Strategic Approach to Oil and Gas Exploration
Petroleum Systems and Exploration and Development Geochemistry    
Skill   Subsurface Facies Analysis - Integrating Borehole Images & Well Logs with Petrophysical and Seismic Data to Develop Geologic Models
Practical Fracture Analysis of Clastic Reservoirs with Petrel - Casper, Wyoming
Practical Seismic Attributes with Petrel
Fluvial and Deltaic Architecture and Advanced Modeling using Petrel - Utah / Colorado, USA
Practical AVO and Seismic Inversion with Petrel
Petrophysics, Quick Look and Log Quality Control
Finding the right prospects - Integrated Petroleum System-based Play-to-Prospect Exploration
Practical Depth Conversion with Petrel
Structural Geology and Tectonics    
Sequence Stratigraphy: Principles and Applications    
Mapping the Subsurface with Petrel
  Economics of Petroleum Exploration
Foundation   Petroleum Geology   Prospect Evaluation, Risks, and Volumes
Geological Prospecting Tools for Global Exploration Seismic Processing for Interpreters and Others  
Introduction to Biostratigraphy    
Geology of Clastic Reservoirs    
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