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Geology Field Trips - Where do you want your classroom to be?

Geology can be studied in the classroom, but it can be better understood in the field. Learning by doing puts things into their proper scale, context and perspective. Examining firsthand the results of time, weather and tectonic forces allow geoscientists to gain greater insight into the formation of reservoirs.

With a carefully selected portfolio of practical, high-quality field trips covering relevant depositional and tectonic environments, NExT meets the needs of working geologists and petroleum engineers and the companies that rely on them to meet their goals.

Scheduled Field Trips

Course Title Start Date End Date Location
Introduction to Geology Including Pyrenees Field Trip 24 Sep 2018 28 Sep 2018 Pau, France
Permian basin floor fan systems of Karoo, South Africa 07 Oct 2018 12 Oct 2018 Karoo, South Africa
Depositional Environments from Slope Aprons to Tropical Reefs - Tabernas & Sorbas Basins, Spain 08 Oct 2018 12 Oct 2018 Almeria, Spain
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