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Competition Rules

The rules stated below are intended to offer the best experience for all stakeholders involved in a PetroChallenge competition (the “Event”) and provide fairness to all competitors. Any violation of these rules may result in the disqualification of the student(s) involved, at the sole discretion of the NExT PetroChallenge organizers.

Student and Team rules

  • Students must complete and sign a Student PetroChallenge Registration form, providing all information requested and accepting the terms of participation as shown on the Terms and conditions page.
  • Teams may only comprise full-time students attending the participating university or school.
  • Teams consist of 3 or 4 persons. NExT organizers have the discretion to consolidate smaller teams where necessary into teams of up to 4 people.
  • If a participant registers by himself/herself, the PetroChallenge organizers will place the student(s) into a team, and endeavor to mix the area of study, gender and age, where appropriate and possible.
  • All team members must be present for the team to be eligible to compete.
  • Students are eligible to participate in only one PetroChallenge competition per year, excluding any regional finals.
  • All participants will be informed of their team numbers at registration on day 1 and remain members of this team throughout the whole competition unless otherwise instructed by the event organizers.
  • Teams may not seek or receive assistance from non-team members during the Event, unless authorized instructors or assistants at the event.
  • Teams may not change team members between the university/school and any regional final.
  • Students must at all times adhere to a professional level of behavior in dress, conduct, language and decorum.
  • Each team has access to 2 laptops or PCs. If additional computer hardware is used by a team they may be disqualified. Mobile phone devices can be used only for their calculator capabilities.
  • Teams are not to make use of Facebook or any BitTorrent software during the Event. These programs work in a similar way to the OilSim software and have an extremely detrimental effect on the performance of OilSim and the experience of the users. If a team is found to be doing so, this can lead to disqualification.

  • OilSim access rules

    • In the unlikely event of finding a bug, computer virus, technical failure or any other system error that might corrupt or affect the overall outcome of the Event, the student is responsible for reporting the finding to the NExT organizers, regardless of whether it is within or outside the control of NExT.
    • If any suspicious behavior by a team becomes apparent within the simulation, NExT reserves the right at its sole discretion, to disqualify or void any individual/individuals who appear to be exploiting an unforeseen and unreported error in the simulation.
    • These OilSim login details are unique to each team participating and if misplaced or shared, could cause unfair and disruptive activity within the simulation. Therefore, they must be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and it is the responsibility of each team member to protect these details for the duration of the competition.
    • The datasets provided in the OilSim simulator are synthetic and do not represent any real world geological locations. These may only be used during the Event, and must not be retained after the competition.
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