Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Shale Learning Consortium

Accelerated development of unconventional expertise

The NExT Shale Learning Consortium offers competency assessments, brainstorming meetings, and expert-led course instruction that can help teams and organizations better understand and overcome the challenges of unconventional resource exploration, appraisal, development, and production.

The intensity and acceleration of shale play development coupled with the continuing need to replace experienced engineers and geoscientists with young recruits have presented a huge challenge to the industry. Efficiently and effectively developing unconventional resources requires skills additional to those required for developing conventional reserves.

To better meet this requirement, NExT introduces an accelerated Shale Learning Consortium to
  • regionally distribute identified employee and team strengths from skills analyses
  • evaluate current shale competencies and identify skills for development
  • quantify the effort and investment to increase employee proficiency
  • identify additional shale training requirements and develop training courses to meet these requirements.

Measurable benefits

  • Accelerated development of shale capabilities through leveraging combined understanding
  • Assessment of internal shale capabilities and gaps compared with those of the market
  • Priority access to shale training classes and programs offered by NExT
  • Targeted consortium curriculum designed to accelerate shale expertise
  • Discounted access to all US-based technical open training classes during the consortium-year membership period
  • Knowledge sharing between member companies

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