Oil & Gas Training
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Flow Assurance Training Program

  The flow assurance training program provides the participants a deep understanding of the Impediment to flow caused by either fluid phase behavior coupled with the dynamics of flow and/or production-chemistry-related issues in the wellbores, well, flow lines and processing facilities. The program includes a combination of theoretical classes with practical exercises and case studies on how to identify, prevent, control and remediate the problems caused by the behavior of the fluids from pore to process. The interaction with software knowledge and its application provides step-by-step instructions to build and run steady state and transient simulation models on flow assurance.

Description of course progression

  • Introduction to flow assurance: Understanding of the major problems associated with the deposition of, asphaltenes, paraffins, emulsion, and scales, hydrates and corrosion
  • Multiphase Flow: Understanding multiphase theories, flow pattern and how to do pressure drop calculations for multiphase flow, sluggish and transient flow considerations
  • PIPESIM Fundamentals: Provides steady-state, multiphase flow simulation for oil and gas production systems
  • Olga Flow Assurance: dynamic multiphase flow simulator is used to understand and solve typical flow assurance challenges
  • Practical Flow Assurance Using Transient OLGA Simulation: key impediments to flow, including slugging and precipitation of organic and inorganic solids, with examples from various challenging environments.
  • Olga Well Dynamic: simulate the flow transients in the wells and production systems.
  • Assuring Flow From Pore to Process: Basics, Modeling, and Lab: holistic approach to flow assurance, introduce technologies, work-flows, and their deployment for the identification, characterization, and management of flow impediments
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