Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Health, Safety and Environment Training Program for HSE Specialists

  • An HSE training program designed to develop internal HSE Staff. This program assumes no existing HSE-technical credentials. In cases of prior experience, the lower level courses can be skipped. In cases of a group of HSE staff to be trained together, the delegates can take the classes sequentially as a group. In the case of a single HSE person to be developed in the shortest timeframe, this program has been administered in a one-on-one Mentoring format for up to 30 days.
  • Description of General Sequence courses (each is stand-alone w/o prerequisites): This package mirrors the above General Employee/Newcomer Group. For HSE staff it is not only important that they know this content, but also that they know what the general population is taught.
    • Newcomer Employee Workplace Safety is designed for all new-hires, office or field.
    • Advanced Driving Skills assumes an employee can already drive a vehicle and it teaches advanced accident prevention techniques. This addresses the top cause of fatality in most oil & gas sector companies.
      • Course involves both classroom and in-vehicle training
    • Stepping, Handling & Lifting Techniques addresses the top cause of non-fatal lost time injuries in the oil & gas sector.
      • Office version teaches workstation ergonomics
      • Field version addresses the typical workshop / wellsite activities and hazards
    • HSE for Front-Line Supervisors in Oil & Gas Exploration & Production is the course that teaches the fundamentals of HSE supervision at a worksite. Taking this course allows HSE staff to be able to observe HSE management behaviors among supervisory staff and give feedback and coaching to them.
    • QHSE for Line Managers teaches the next level of leadership and accountability for HSE management. Again, the value to HSE professionals is that they learn the content and are thus able to observe and intervene with Line Managers on HSE issues.

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