Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Health, Safety and Environment Training Program for General Employee / Newcomer Group

  • An HSE training program designed to take a Newcomer (Field or Office Employee) from Awareness Level induction to Middle Management Level accountability for general HSE / Security.
  • Description of courses (each is stand-alone w/o prerequisites):
    • Newcomer Employee Workplace Safety is designed for all new-hires, office or field.
    • Advanced Driving Skills assumes an employee can already drive a vehicle and it teaches advanced accident prevention techniques. This addresses the top cause of fatality in most oil & gas sector companies.
      • Course involves both classroom and in-vehicle training
    • Stepping, Handling & Lifting Techniques addresses the top cause of non-fatal lost time injuries in the oil & gas sector.
      • Office version teaches workstation ergonomics
      • Field version addresses the typical workshop / wellsite activities and hazards
    • HSE for Front-Line Supervisors in Oil & Gas Exploration & Production is the course that teaches the fundamentals of HSE supervision at a worksite. Can be used by both office and field supervisors.
      • This course is taken before or soon after promotion to jobsite supervisor.
    • QHSE for Line Managers teaches the next level of leadership and accountability for HSE management
      • This course is taken before or soon after promotion to the Line Management role.

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