Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Health, Safety and Environment Training Program for Operations Professional Development

  • An HSE training program designed to develop technical and line management operations staff (Field or Engineering Employee) on specific topics necessary for corporate risk control and employee professional development.
  • Description of courses (each is stand-alone w/o prerequisites):
    • Oil Spill Response & Control is a classroom study of the prevention, preparedness and response to spills.
    • Human Error Management gives degreed Engineers insight into the soft skills of managing PEOPLE.
    • HAZOP/HAZID and SIL teaches technical staff the methods of Hazard Analysis using HAZOP & HAZID and an introduction to Safety Integrity Level determination.
    • Root Cause Analysis is a practical classroom coverage of investigation and root causation methodology. It is designed to make Engineers/Managers competent to direct an effective post incident investigation to root cause.
    • Drilling Project & Risk Management course is designed so participants will better understand how to identify, quantify, and manage risk in the Oil & Gas Drilling industry.
    • Emergency and Crisis Management in the Offshore Oil & Gas Environment is an extended case study of the Macondo/Deepwater Horizon incident of 2010. It explores the barriers to a major incident and how to assure the barriers remain intact on similar wellsite operations, especially offshore. It makes extensive use of workshops and team-based efforts.

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