Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Integrated Field Development Program

'Open for group enrolment from companies only'

NExT offers practical field development plan (FDP) training that accelerates and transforms technical skills. It builds expertise in FDP techniques, tools and workflows that are needed to address the challenges of field developments.

This training is unique because it includes theory, software training, model building, workflows, and an in-class project designed to reinforce lessons and demonstrate the acquired practical skills and understanding.

The immersive, comprehensive curriculum starts from general understanding and extends to in-depth field assessment with economics, risk, and standard analysis techniques that provide a complete understanding of FDP.

Field development is becoming much more complex and expensive, so getting it right is critical. NExT offers three different FDP programs, each providing the opportunity to learn fundamental approaches in developing and working on FDP. The program incorporates the latest technologies and software to enable customers to design a suitable, long-term, and profitable development strategy.

FDP Comprehensive Program
FDP Accelerated Program
FDP Rapid Program

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