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Production Optimization

'Open for group enrolment from companies only'

A cross discipline program that teaches engineers and geoscientists the essential workflows used in exploitation, evaluation, and field development planning of unconventional assets.

The Production optimization program is focused on results and is based in learning-by-doing. Participants work in teams, applying their learning to previously select matured reservoirs, detecting opportunities for productivity enhancement and actively contributing to production increase.

The objective of the program is to train engineers and at the same time increase the cash flow of the operator, increasing incomes and reducing costs associated to the barrel produced through the development of productivity integral engineers oriented to:

  • Integral analysis of well-producing systems (drainage area, completion, production method, production tubing, lines and collection network, separation station)
  • A Multidisciplinary approach and pro-active effort in selecting opportunities
  • Early integration of new technologies in the implementation of solutions with specialized engineering and operational support
  • Quick identification and optimization of the productivity of wells with anomalous behavior

Production Optimization Chart

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