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Multidomain Shale Training Program

'Open for group enrolment from companies only'
Multidomai Shale Training Program   Successfully and economically characterizing, completing, and producing complex shale reserves demands a thorough understanding of science, fit-for-purpose technology, and specialized expertise. Developing and honing that expertise is a challenge facing asset managers everywhere. The Multidomain Shale Training Program from NExT, a Schlumberger company, is the fastest, most effective way of equipping your team with the knowledge necessary to efficiently and properly identify and develop unconventional plays. Learn about these complex reserves from industry experts with decades of experience as well as by modeling actual shale prospects, visiting core laboratories, taking field trips, and ultimately presenting a pilot project developed in class.

A Proven Formula for Accelerated Shale Development

The Multidomain Shale Training Program is divided into two modules:
Geoscience and Engineering. Both include common workflows, simulations using field data, and courses that enhance the competencies and skills needed to work effectively in multidisciplinary shale teams. During the 12-week program, your teams will
  • gain essential scientific knowledge
  • get hands-on exposure to a wide range of software, laboratory techniques, tools, and field-technology applications
  • visit relevant Schlumberger research, testing, and operations centers
  • apply their learning to a real-world project.

Benefits for Your People and Organization

Upon completion of NExT’s Multidomain Shale Training Program, geoscientists and engineers will have the knowledge necessary to work in teams to
  • map, model, and characterize sweet spots
  • identify well spacing and pad locations more accurately
  • place wells and extract hydrocarbons at a lower cost and with a greater overall success rate
  • optimize well designs and drilling trajectories
  • enhance completion and stimulation strategies
  • improve operational efficiencies
  • prevent environmental impact.

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