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NExT Acquires Simprentis

March 05, 2014

NExT, a Schlumberger company, announced today that it has acquired Simprentis, a software and training company based in the Faroe Islands.

Simprentis is the developer of the OilSim upstream learning simulator for interactive training and is a global provider of team-based training courses to oil and gas companies, governments, and educational institutions. The OilSim learning simulator has been used to train more than 38,000 oil and gas professionals in classes delivered in over 30 countries.

In the OilSim learning, teams take on the roles of oil and gas companies and authorities, and are guided by expert facilitators to learn through actively making decisions in a virtual, realistic business environment.

In addition to providing participants with an understanding of the business processes and standard industry disciplines in exploration, field development, and production, the OilSim has been leveraged to teach subjects including project management and negotiations.

"I am very pleased with the acquisition of Simprentis and the OilSim. Media and interactive training methods are proven to be the most effective methods of training, creating an enhanced learning experience. The demand for these forms of training is growing rapidly. NExT continuously strives to provide differentiated training services, and this acquisition is in line with that strategy," said Hooman Sadrpanah, the NExT managing director.

"By adding the OilSim simulator for interactive training to NExT’s technical training portfolio, we will continue to create superior learning experiences that improve the knowledge retention of the training participants," he added.

Olavur Ellefsen, the founder and managing director of Simprentis, said, "With NExT applying the OilSim learning simulator to their training courses, the simulator can be integrated with Schlumberger technology and development expertise and extended to new oil and gas subjects. The worldwide reach of NExT training will increase the number of participants that can benefit from our industry challenge-based learning approach."

OilSim modules through the upstream value chain, address the following business and technical challenges

NExT courses that will use the OilSim include

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