Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development


It gave an exhaustive overview within just two days of what is a complex business. The interdisciplinary nature of the challenge helped understand areas beyond our own area of specialization and also how to manage team dynamics. Overall, very exciting and was a lot of fun.
Divya Chandran
Rice PetroChallenge 2015
PetroChallenge has really immersed me in the oil/gas industry. It has taught me the skills I need to become a successful petroleum engineer.
Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy
IPAA/PESA PetroChallenge 2015, Houston, Texas
The PetroChallenge requires you to work with different people that you have never met before so it enhances your communication skills
Francisco Cruz
Milby High School

IPAA/PESA PetroChallenge 2015, Houston, Texas
PetroChallenge gives you experience similar to what you would have in the real world. It gives you a taste of what a career in this industry would be like.
Alexis Orta
Southwest School
IPAA/PESA PetroChallenge 2015, Houston, Texas
It offers an opportunity for our students to experience the real oil and gas industry work. After the event, I realize that our geologists should also have some economic courses in their further study.
Hualong Zhang
Rice PetroChallenge 2015
PetroChallenge was an instructive, social and funny experience. I learned a lot about teamwork and the Oil and Gas industry.
Mari Elisabeth Grøtte Walhovd
St.Olav videregående skole
PetroChallenge Norway 2015, Stavanger
It was great learning the uncertainties involved in operations and processes involved in the oil and gas exploration
Rajesh Ranjan
University of Toronto PetroChallenge 2015
The environment allowed participant learn a big deal of technical knowledge and interpersonal skills.
Tural Alizada
Toronto PetroChallenge 2015
An extreme learning experience - exposed to concepts about Petroleum Engineering that I would not have been exposed to during school. I liked that the process was start to finish.
Penn State PetroChallenge 2015
Because it gives more insight into the oil-world than any science class can.
Andreas Bjørkhaug
Frogn videregående skole

PetroChallenge Norway 2015, Oslo
It truly demonstrated how much soft skills are more important in engineering teamwork or management of a problem solving process.
Mehdi (Sherveen) Ghofrani Tabari
University of Toronto PetroChallenge 2015
It gives pupils an excellent insight to the many demands of exploring for oil and the skills required to be successful as a team. It also ticks so many boxes for Curriculum for Excellence that any school would be crazy to miss out on this opportunity to have such an event delivered so well and pitched at a perfect level for their pupils.
Kevin Cowie, teacher
Robert Gordons College

PetroChallenge Aberdeen UK 2013
It's a fantastic opportunity to get the pupils completed engaged in a task, showing them about deadlines and having them to work together to achieve a common goal. It brings together many skills from many curricular areas.
Nic Stephen, teacher
Mackie Academy

PetroChallenge Aberdeen UK 2013
Attending the event is very important to me. The opportunity it gives the students at this early stage in their final years in school to experience the excitement, to meet the next generation of friends they don't know they have yet and to work in an active University building are all experiences they would not otherwise get until after they had left school.
Dave Farquhar, teacher
Mackie Academy

PetroChallenge Aberdeen UK 2013
It is a project that fits perfectly into Curriculum for Excellence as it not only builds on their previous skills and knowledge learned in the classroom, but helps them build their own character by becoming successful learners, responsible citizens, effective contributors and confident individuals.
Paul MacBeath, teacher
Ellon Academy

PetroChallenge Aberdeen UK 2013
Seldom as a teacher do you get to see so many pupils so motivated and engaged in one activity. The buzz and energy that surrounds the event is tremendous. Year after year when asking for teams to take part I am always oversubscribed.
Craig Watson, teacher
Kemnay Academy

PetroChallenge Aberdeen UK 2013
PetroChallenge provides a unique platform for demonstrating not only the excitement of the oil and natural gas industry, but also it integrates the skills and career information students are learning in our petroleum academies. This innovative educational competition serves as a powerful tool to stimulate the next generation of talented energy professionals who will drive this industry forward
Barry Russell
president and CEO of IPAA
Independent Petroleum Association of America
It makes you understand about what the business and career is all about and how it works along with the fact of how to manage your money if you owned a company yourself. Therefore if you are going into management, this program would be ideal for you.
Student from Westside High School
PetroChallenge USA in Houston January 2012
PetroChallenge helps you learn the true essence of teamwork and information that a lot of people do not know.
Blaine Edwards
Southwest High School, Fort Worth

PetroChallenge USA in Houston January 2012
I would recommend the OilSim Exploration course because it taught me much about the petroleum industry and gives you a much bigger understanding of that industry. It also sharpens decision making skills and problem solving. It is also a great experience because of all the people you get to meet and compete with.
Meg Brigman
Lamar High School

PetroChallenge USA in Houston January 2012
It is really fun and addictive, you just want to keep going, and whenever there is a break you're excited for when it starts again. If you like being competitive and challenged, this is definitely the game for you!
Paninnguaq Juliussen
GU-Nuuk, Greenland
This simulation teaches young people how to use their brains to make decisions individually, and in groups. They learn loads about keeping deadlines, cooperating and facing a challenge. Previous students I have met can remember this challenge as one of the most exiting events during their period in Senior High School.
David N. Penney
Teacher / facilitator

GU-Aasiaat, Greenland
PetroChallenge makes it possible to learn a lot just in a few hours. And the participants are learning many subjects at the same time, e.g. English, Geology and Maths
Hjördís Skírnisdóttir, teacher
Framhaldsskólinn í Austur-Skaftafellssýslu, Iceland
The method of teaching is different. But I see this is a part of the school environment in the 21st century; how the students work together. It stimulates the students and they learn a lot.
Helga Kristín Kolbeins, teacher
Framhaldsskólinn í Vestmannaeyjum, Iceland
Very good... 10/10 - probably one of the best ways to learn
Kristian Elhoej Jensen
PetroChallenge participant 2011

Sankt Annæ Gymnasium, Denmark
Students very much appreciate PetroChallenge. The competition contributes to enhance students skills in several scientific disciplines, economics, environmental issues, English language and social skills such as team work. Software programs rarely add anything extra to gymnasium education like PetroChallenge does.
Dr. Svend Duggen
PetroChallenge teacher/facilitator 2011

A. P. Møller Skolen, Denmark
Meaningful and interesting for the students - it's a game, but with a real background. Real places, real prices. Real demands on environmental issues. Very good. A break in usual scheduled learning.
Carl Frederik Caspersen, Senior Master, MSc.
PetroChallenge teacher/facilitator 2011, Denmark
A good business experience
Euan Grierson
The Glasgow Academy

PetroChallenge UK in Glasgow 2011
Enjoyable, inspirational and educational experience that every child when given the opportunity, should undergo.
Charis Jade Williams
Lynn Grove High School

PetroChallenge UK in Great Yarmouth 2011
A great challenge which teaches you about the impact of each person’s actions within the industry
James Parker
BG Group

PetroChallenge UK in London 2011
A fun yet challenging experience which is also educates the participants. Which is quite rare, to be honest.
Mark Poole
James Young H.S

PetroChallenge UK in West Lothian 2011
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and met new people. Overall, PetroChallenge was exciting and challenging. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves to solve problems!
Brogan MacDonald
Kemnay Academy

PetroChallenge UK in Aberdeen 2011
Very enjoyable yet stressful at times! Gave me a good insight into the oil industry and I would recommend this to anyone even slightly interested in working in this sector.
Kieran Booth
Meldrum Academy

PetroChallenge UK in Aberdeen 2011
Petrochallenge stimulated, motivated and challenged the students and gave them a taste of how their current learning could be used in a future career.
Jane Tull

PetroChallenge UK in London 2011
PetroChallenge, in enhancing my understanding of how the oil industry works, made me want to learn more. I think I have learned a lot in a very short period of time, and am grateful that I got to participate. Thanks!
Synnva Eide Etterlid
St. Olav, Norway
I had an awesome time! We lost massively, but I can still look back at it as the coolest school-related thing I've ever done!
Endre Haugland
Stavanger Katedralskole, Norway
It was an extraordinary experience, which I'd love to have the option of doing again next year.
Runi Øregaard
Stavanger Katedralskole, Norway
Very good, I loved it and I think it´s an important experience to have done.
Anne-Sophie Bøgwald
Den Franske Skolen, Norway
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