Discipline Reservoir Engineering
Duration2 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom
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Introduction to Cluster Configuration and High Performance Computing for Reservoir Engineers

The course is a short introduction to High Performance Computing (HPC) for Reservoir Engineers. The key objective is to enable Reservoir Engineers have a better understanding of what they need from the HPC perspective in order to run their simulations faster. The course will enable the engineer understand clusters, queuing and how to work with certified systems. Some of the topics covered in the 2 day course include: The simulation software products and their installation, release procedures, naming conventions, operating systems, licensing, and certified systems. Other topics include clusters, multiple realisation workflows, parallel computing and scalability.

  • Topics
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  • Prerequisites
  • Topics

    The Simulation Software Products and their Installation
    Naming conventions and Release procedure
    Operating systems and certified systems
    Parallel Simulation (ECLIPSE and INTERSECT) and Benchmarks
    Multiple Realizations Workflows
    ECLRUN Batch Schedulers and Licensing

  • Audience

    Reservoir and Petroleum Engineers as well as System engineers and anyone involved in running simulation in parallel

  • Prerequisites

    Basic Reservoir Engineering concepts

  • Prerequisites

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