Oil & Gas Training
and Competency Development

Discipline Multi-Discipline ,
Duration2 Days
Delivery Mechanism Classroom with Simulator
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Client Testimonials

It was fun and collaborative. The instructor was very entertaining and knowledgeable
It was very useful to get to know the broad picture of the oil and gas industry, starting from exploration and to seeing the first drop of the oil. Instructor was very friendly and taught the entire course with high spirit, which allowed the students to actively participate during the lectures and be part of it.
One of the best softwares I have ever came across. It was fun at the same time I gained a lot of knowledge. And it gave a wonderful opportunity to mingle with different people and with their different ideas which enhanced my knowledge. Thanks NExT and Schlumberger
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Upstream Business Basics with OilSim

Understanding the business of oil and gas is essential to support employers and clients. Hands-on team based learning, flexible facilitation and the use of the OilSim business simulator provides a unique classroom experience.  Through active immersion and in only two days, participants come away with a broad and memorable understanding of the upstream value chain.

Reflecting real-life decision gates, teams act as virtual petroleum companies where the value chain processes are followed through from geoscientific, engineering and economic perspectives.

This course provides participants with an integrated overview of oil and gas exploration and field development, including terminologies and business language. During the class, participants must analyze geophysical, geological, and engineering data to make their own time-critical decisions, with outcomes that affect the performance of their companies in later stage gates.  Also, whilst considering the scientific complexities of their challenges, teams must deliberate on the economic viability of their reservoirs.

Team work and soft skills are at the core of a company’s success and this course offers a multitude of opportunities for participants to learn and practice their soft skills and behaviors.

Costs versus risk; global stewardship; health, safety and environment; local content and fiscal constraints; effective planning and iterating of potential solutions – all drives home the complex, dynamic and risky nature of oil and gas.

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  • Agenda

    Day 1

    Challenge 1 Initial Screening Identification of non-environmentally sensitive areas within sedimentary basins.

    Challenge 2 Prospecting Analysis of potential blocks through geoscientific research and strategic selection of licenses in a bidding round.

    Challenge 3 Exploration Drilling Partner with other teams to share risk and opportunities.  Conduct wild cat and appraisal drilling to determine reservoir resources and potential for commercialization of assets.

    Day 2

    Challenge 4 Depletion Plan Plan optimal reservoir depletion through the creation of individual reservoir well plans.

    Challenge 5 Facilities Plan Choose and configure the facilities and equipment needed to process and transport the oil and gas.

    Challenge 6 Construction Project Plan the asset construction using some basic project management tools.  React to situations that arise during the execution phase to try and remain on time and on budget, resulting in First Oil or Gas.

  • Audience

    This course is for anyone working in or around the oil and gas industry and who needs to have an overall understanding of upstream value chain.

  • Prerequisites

    No prerequisites required.

  • Prerequisites

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