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    MSc petroleum engineering

    Continual Profession Development (CPD) workshops

    The MSc in Petroleum Engineering is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to tackle the oil and gas industry’s most challenging problems.
    NExT, in conjunction with Heriot-Watt University, offers intensive classroom based Continual Profession Development (CPD) workshops for each of the eight MSc Petroleum Engineering courses included in the Heriot Watt MSc program.

    Those studying the degree by online learning will benefit from these workshops, offered at NExT worldwide locations and led by Heriot-Watt University academic staff or approved NExT instructors.

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is used to maintain, improve and broaden knowledge and skills and develop the personal qualities required in staff during their professional lives.

    Improve professional competence

    Intensive classroom based workshops, offering you all the materials and expertise required

    • Advance and broaden knowledge and skills and develop the personal qualities
    • Provides the opportunity to interact with Heriot-Watt professors and other industry experts.
    • Collaborate and share ideas with contemporaries from a diverse, global background.
    • Engaging, informative and progressive, embracing 'best practice' and easily digestible knowledge.


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