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Advanced Remedial Cementing (Russian)

This course (available in Russian only) presents the techniques for diagnosing the sources of unwanted water and then discusses the remedial cementing techniques available to eliminate those undesirable sources of water.

Day 1

Integrate Approach to Watercut Problems in Mature and New Fields

  • Key Problems Related to Watercut
  • Integrated Approach to Watercut Problems
  • Watercut Problem Classification and Selection of Optimal Remediation Plan
  • Logging Diagnostics
  • Cement Bond Log Evaluation Techniques
Day 2

Remedial Cementing

  • Applications of Remedial Cementing
  • Remedial Cementing Techniques
  • Downhole Tools for Remedial Cementing
  • Remedial Cementing Program Design
  • Remedial Cementing Through Coiled Tubing

Advanced Remedial Cementing Technologies

  • SqueezeCRETETM - Specifically designed for low injectivity wells
Day 3

Specifications of Cement Slurry System Laboratory Analyses

  • Description of API Laboratory Equipment
  • API Laboratory Analysis Procedures
  • Specification of Remedial Slurry Analyses
  • Remedial Cementing System Design

Remedial Cementing Equipment

  • Cementing Pumping Units
  • Cement Slurry Blending and Mixing Systems
  • Remedial Cementing Manifold
  • Training Exercise Using Cementing Unit Simulator

End of Course Round Table Discussion

Learning activity mix

Production, Drilling and Completion Engineers plus any other oilfield technical staff who want a better understanding of how to mitigate water production in an oil or gas well using remedial cementing techniques.

A basic knowledge of drilling and completion operations.

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