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    Back Injury Prevention Program (External Client Course- Accredited)

    This program is focused to help prevent backinjury on the job. It is for people in all walks of life and can be used forheavy lifting as well as objects that may have to be picked up in an officesetting. These practices can help workers protect themselves from the mostdisabling disease.

    1.    Introduction

    2.    Background Information

    3.    Back Activities

    4.    Back Safety Goals

    5.    Back Statistics

    6.    Back Parts

    7.    Potential Back Injury

    8.    Back Posture

    9.    Exercises

    10.Lifting Equipment

    11.Proper Lift

    12.Carrying the Load

    13.Proper Unloading

    14.Overhead Loads

    15.Long Loads

    16.Lifting Bags

    17.Team Lifting



    ·         Any person who lifts 20 or more pounds,

    ·         lifts objects of any weight higher than three feet.

    ·         Pushes or pulls objects regularly.

    ·         Completes other repetitive motions that may lead to back injury.

    ·         Course also designed for any individuals seeking initial or refresher certification to meet OSHA

              regulatory requirements for the prevention of Back injury.

    1.     Introduction

    2.     Background Information

    3.     Back Activities

    4.     Back Safety Goals

    5.     Back Statistics

    6.     Back Parts

    7.     Potential Back Injury

    8.     Back Posture

    9.     Exercises

    10. Lifting Equipment

    11. Proper Lift

    12. Carrying the Load

    13. Proper Unloading

    14. Overhead Loads

    15. Long Loads

    16. Lifting Bags

    17. Team Lifting

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