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    Basin Analysis and Petroleum Systems Modeling - (Virtual Instructor-Led Training)

    The quality of a numeric computer model is highly dependent on the quality of the input data. This 5-day course covers the key aspects of basin analysis and subsequent basin and petroleum systems modeling from input to output. We will discuss basin evolution beginning with plate tectonics, all the way to petroleum generation and migration. We will look at how risks and uncertainties influence our understanding of the petroleum systems within a basin and how we can quantify those uncertainties.

    The aim of this course is to provide the basic geoscience background needed by anyone engaged in Petroleum Systems Modeling. Attendees will learn what kinds of questions to ask, what kind of data is needed to build models and solve particular problems and to apply geological reasoning to quantifying uncertainties.

    General introduction / HSE / DELFI

    Introduction to Sedimentary Basins

    Basin Forming Mechanisms

    Basin Classification and Structural Analysis

    Basin Fill – Stratigraphic and Sedimentological Analysis 

    Geochemical Analysis

    Pressure and Compaction (part 1)

    Pressure and compaction (Part2)

    Temperatures in Sedimentary Basins (part 1)

    Temperatures in Sedimentary Basins (part 2)

    Hydrocarbon Generation

    Hydrocarbon Migration

    The Petroleum Systems Concept

    Case Studies

    Uncertainty Analysis

    Final Discussion

    Geoscientists involved in Petroleum Systems Modeling, anyone wanting to know more about the Petroleum Systems Modeling approach.

    • Introduction to Sedimentary Basins
    • Basin Forming Mechanisms
    • Basin Classification and Structural Analysis
    • Basin Fill
    • Geochemical Analysis
    • Temperatures and Pressures in Sedimentary Basins
    • Petroleum System Modeling
      • The Petroluem Systems Modeling Approach
      • Hydrocarbon Generation
      • Hydrocarbon Migration
      • Uncertainty Management and Quantification

    At least a basic knowledge of geology. No prior experience with Petroleum Systems Modeling is required.

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