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    DELFI Data Ecosystem, Ingestion services - RILS (Remote Instructor Led Series)

    This is a Remote Instructor Led Series (RILS)
    training. The remote classroom delivery is a modality that takes advantage of the instructor led training content,
    while allowing the same content to be delivered remotely.
    All training sessions will be delivered online with no face-to-face classroom attendance.

    The course focuses on Data Ecosystem Ingestion Services. It introduces the Storage API and Ingestion Services. it shows how data in different formats such as tabular data in CSV format, data in JSON and geoJSON format, and industry standards such as LAS version 2 & 3, DLIS, shapefile and unstructured documents can be ingested into data ecosystem.

    The course will be delivered over a total of twelve (12) Hours; i.e. in three (3) sessions lasting four (4) Hours each.

    Day 1

    Session 1: Modules 1, 2 & 3

    (4 Hours)

    Overview of  DELFI Developer Portal

    Storage API

    • In this module the participants will learn how  records are structured in the Data Ecosystem and how to use the Storage API to ingest data into ecosystem. This module also introduces the schema and how the records can be augmented with meta information for normalization.

    Ingestion Service

    • This module introduces the ingestion framework and different ingestors supported in the Data Ecosystem. It shows how opaque ingestion works and how files can be downloaded from ecosystem.
    Day 2

    Session 2: Modules 4

    (4 Hours)

    Ingestion of data  in csv format

    • In this module the participants will learn about CSV Ingestor and how to write a dataset descriptor. Participants will ingest field and well data into ecosystem.
    Day 3

    Session 3: Modules 5, 6

    (4 Hours)

    Ingestion of log data

    • In this module the participants will learn how to ingest log data in LAS format and associate to the wellbore.

    Ingestion unstructured documents

    • In this module the participants will learn how to ingest unstructured documents, associate with parent entity, search for keywords and extract facts and insight.

    Data Managers, Application developers

    We will cover the following:

    • Overview of DELFI Data Ecosystem
    • Data Ecosystem Storage Services
    • Data Ecosystem ingestion services

    DELFI Data Ecosystem, Core services


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